Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Hannah Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Hannah Dasher Biography:  Hannah Dasher, who was born on March 17, 1986, began her musical career by performing at talent shows and showcases. She is the face behind a number of recent country recordings and is also well-known for her food series on TikTok. She has released two successful singles and one album, and she plans to release many more. Let us commemorate the birthday of this up-and-coming musician right here!

Hannah Dasher Birthday

Hannah Dasher, who was born on March 17, 1986, is an emerging country vocalist and TikTok celebrity. In addition to her compositions and content, she is known for her vivacious personality and her charisma. She was born in Savannah, Georgia, her zodiac sign is Pisces, and she is a citizen of the United States. Dasher is the child of Bill and Angela Dasher. She has a sibling named Brittany. Dasher decided to become a performer at the age of three after seeing singer-songwriter Alan Jackson in concert.

At the age of 14, when her father gave her her first guitar, Dasher’s interest in music developed. Soon after her introduction to rock ‘n’ roll, she realized that women could also perform on stage. At the age of 18, when her parents divorced, she began composing songs. Dasher attended the University of Georgia, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a certificate in music. Following graduation, she relocated to Nashville.

She discreetly composed songs while working at a shop that sold boats and motors to make ends meet. Dasher received her big break when Brad Paisley recorded her composition “Go to Bed Early.” At writer’s evenings and musical showcases, she began performing with a band and attracting attention. Soon after, record producers in Nashville took notice of her, leading to a record deal with Sony Music. Her first official single, “Stone Age,” was followed by “The Tree” in 2018. (2019). The second song was highlighted in the article titled ‘BillBoard’s First Country.’ In 2020, she decided to take a hiatus for her own personal development. She discovered TikTok and began the “Stand By Your Pan” food series. Here, she demonstrated her skill in preparing southern dishes. The series garnered her 1.4 million Instagram followers. Dasher emerged from her musical hiatus and released her five-track debut album “The Half Record” in 2021.

It is presently presumed that the singer is single due to her extreme secrecy regarding her relationship status.

Hannah Dasher Net Worth, Height

Name  Hannah Dasher 
Nickname  Anna 
Birth date  March 17, 1986 
Age  37 
Zodiac Sign  Pisces 
Height  5′ 6″ 
Relationship Status:  Single 
Net Worth  $300 thousand 
Social Media  Instagram 

Hannah Dasher Biography:  5 SURPRISING FACTS

Dasher was unable to make ends meet despite her composition being performed by Brad Paisley; she had to sell all of her guitars, including the one she inherited from her father, in order to pay for necessities.

During her early career, Dasher designed T-shirts; the majority of them featured lyrics from songs by renowned singers.

Dasher required a place to live after relocating to Nashville, and an attic was an affordable option.

Dasher has stated that Justin Timberlake and Reba McEntire are two musicians whom she admires and considers role models.

As a child, Dasher loathed reading novels, but he would read CD covers carefully, from the artist’s name to the song lyrics.

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