Amorous Mercy Dating Path & Walkthrough

The Amorous Mercy Dating Path is a guided meditation program that helps people learn how to connect with their love and sexual desires in a healthy and satisfying way. The program includes a series of self-help exercises designed to help people understand and connect with their emotions, thoughts, and feelings. By using the Amorous Mercy Dating Path, people can develop deeper insight into their romantic relationships, gain insights into their sexual desires, and cultivate healthy attitudes and behaviors around love and sex.

Amorous Mercy Dating Path & Walkthrough – Best choices to complete the path & walkthrough and unlock the ending, also info about the character

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Amorous Mercy Dating Path & Walkthrough – Parts & End

Act 1:

Best choices for Mercy Walkthrough – Act 1

  • Take a seat beside her. Maybe a conversation will start.
  • Keep talking.
  • Compliment her.
  • Flirt submissively.
  • Ask her to choose.
  • Cherry Daiquiri is fine.
  • Flirt forwardly.
  • Admit your attraction.
  • Take the card.

Act 2

Best choices for Mercy Walkthrough – Act 2

  • Explain what happened.
  • Ask about that second date.
  • Compliment her.
  • It’s not an act…
  • Best to stick with Mercy.
  • You don’t get to slip your own art into the exhibits?
  • Of course!
  • Whatever you’re comfortable with.
  • Console her.
  • Kiss her.

Act 3

Best choices for Mercy Walkthrough – Act 3

  • Get things set up at the restaurant.
  • This is fine, I can handle it.
  • You. (Flirt.)
  • Vineward cerdolo.
  • Make plans for later.
  • Admit feelings.

Act 4

Best choices for Mercy Walkthrough – Act 4:

  • Woah. (Flatter.)
  • Romantic.
  • I’ll be here, no matter what. (Console.)
  • Introduce myself.
  • Mercy is one of the most interesting people I know.
  • I’m in love with her.

After these decisions, you should have already unlocked Mercy’s ending, enjoy it

Amorous Mercy Dating Path & Walkthrough – Bio

In case you are interested in knowing a little about the character to understand the reason for each decision during the dates and the Walkthrough:

  • Mercy is a woman with surprise.
  • Likes: teasing.
  • She is an art gallery manager, and a partial artist.
  • Dancing is a big deal to her.
  • She is very proud of her dresses.


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