Amorous Remy Dating Path & Walkthrough

The Amorous Remy Dating Path is a set of guidelines designed to help people find and connect with compatible partners through online dating. The path offers advice on how to best navigate the online dating landscape, how to create a positive profile, and how to make the most of online dating conversations. It also provides tips on how to establish and maintain healthy relationships and provides resources for addressing common dating issues.

Amorous Remy Dating Path & Walkthrough – Best choices to complete the path & walkthrough and unlock the ending, also info about the character


Amorous Remy Dating Path & Walkthrough – Parts & End

Act 1: Pre-Date

Best choices for Remy Walkthrough – Act 1 Pre-Date

  • Ask who shes looking for.
  • Offer to ask about him.
  • Ask about him.
  • I’m here on Remy’s behalf.
  • That’s gross. She deserves better! (Confront him.)
  • Tell her he was mean!
  • He called you an sl*t and made a joke about you.
  • If you need a bad boy, I can do my best. (Flirt.)
  • Flirt dominantly.
  • Ask about her work.
  • Ask more about her work x2
  • Ask more about her in general.
  • No, your age is fine by me.
  • Ask more about her in general. x2
  • Ask more about her hobbies x3
  • Ask something random.
  • (When speaking of sharks) Flirt about it
  • If the dummy works for us both, all the better. (Flirt dominantly.)
  • Ask something random x2
  • Time to go, I think?

Act 2: Date

Best choices for Remy Walkthrough – Act 2: Date

  • Tease her, dominantly.
  • Hit him!
  • Suggest going somewhere quieter.
  • Yes, of course.
  • I can understand wanting to know if you’re compatible.
  • Change things up.
  • You standing up to Rip was even better… (Sub.)

Act 3

Best choices for Remy Walkthrough – Act 3

  • You’re only as old as you feel, right?
  • That’s nice of you to say. Just looking out for Remy?
  • An extra reason to feel lucky, I know…
  • Trust me, the only one I know almost got punched.
  • We’d run into each other here and there.
  • Cooking Mini Game:
    • onion
    • ground beef
    • carrots
    • tomatoes
    • herbs
    • Wait until the ‘stop cooking’ button comes up and count 3 seconds and then press the button to stop cooking
  • Well, I love you

Act 4

Best choices for Remy Walkthrough – Act 4:

  • Text Remy when she’s finished
  • Choose any of 4 given choices

After these decisions you should have already unlocked Remy’s ending, enjoy it

Amorous Remy Dating Path & Walkthrough – Bio

In case you are interested in knowing a little about the character to understand the reason for each decision during the dates and the Walkthrough:

  • Remy is a bunny and the oldest at the club (32 y.o.).
  • Stops being shy in the right settings.
  • Works as a cook and teaches cooking in the evenings.
  • Likes: mediocre dominance and teasing.
  • She gets bored with too many questions when you first meet her.
  • Afraid of: feral sharks.
  • Uses apricot conditioner.
  • Orientation: bi (at least originally).


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