Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link

Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & download link. The authority of the Annihilation game recently releases the Annihilation beta version. I have beta version access information. You need to fill out their official beta tester form. Below, I give a link to the Annihilation beta version registration form.

Main Post (Click This Link): Annihilation Bangladesh First Battle Royale Game.

Everyone knew that this game is coming soon. Developer Works so hard. They say this month 30 April release this annihilation game. But I think the Mobile or android version release too far. We tried to give the best information. The Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration finished. This Beta Access Registration From not work at this moment.

Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link


Update: 27 December 2021:

Annihilation Available now in Play Store!!!

Play store Download Link: Annihilation Mobile – Apps on Google Play

Update: 23 November 2021

Annihilation will be released next month, in December. Season 0’s title is “The Paradox”. Annihilation is a Story Based Interactive Battle Royale game. Players will be able to play Annihilation Universe Season 0 as an Episode. Damien in World War II. Why, how did it happen. Players will understand how to protect their timeline this season. Throughout this season, players have to master their character’s skills and survive the endless battle of survival. In addition, there are numerous competitions and e-sports tournaments throughout the season.

Update: 11 May 2021
Hello, the developer team recently released the demo version of this game. To get the beta version download. Below I give a link to download the demo version Apk download from the Google play store. Beta version of Annihilation Mobile has been released on Play Store. To join the beta program, open the link with the Chrome browser. Then press the Join Beta option. Instantly get the link of the game in the Play Store and install it directly from there. If the install option does not appear in the Play Store even after joining Beta, then go down and click on “Re-Join”. Then you can install the installation option from there.


Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link

Demo version Download Step by Step:

How to download the Annihilation demo version:
Step 1: Go to this link =…/com.CrisisEntertainmentLtd…/
Step 2: Click become a tester.
Step 3: After becoming a tester click “Install the public version on Google Play” text shown in blue color.
Step 4: Open the game Select your preferred graphics setting and press the button right down corned called “Ok”
Step 5: It will ask to Check your email. Input this email “”
Step 6: Play the Demo game.
Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link

Annihilation Game demo version Download [All Problem Solution]:


Annihilation Game demo version Download. New features and APK download link for worldwide users. Try copying and pasting the Annihilation demo Apk Download links in the browser. Click this link, then touch “Become a beta tester”. Now touch it on Download it from Google Play, and the Play Store will open!

Again, almost every user links work, but some user gets a notice like “Removing your account from beta test program“. You need to scroll down a bit and select rejoin the Beta Program. Then, you will get the install option! Finally. If you don’t show games in the Google Play Store, try login into the Play Store with another Gmail account. Maybe you will get it!

For those of you who aren’t working on any of the above, it may be because you’ve logged into the Play Store by connecting a VPN before. In that case, Kindly clear data from your Google Play Store once. Then come again and log in and try, I hope it will come.

But if your Play Store doesn’t open or show games in any way, it could be a glitch in the Play Store. Try it from another device or wait until tomorrow, hopefully, the link will work. I assumed you installed it properly. Then mail checking. Here you confirm with this email – Wait a minute when congratulations show up, the game is loading. The game will start after a while.

And finally, it’s not the main version, it’s just a demo. It has some bugs and it’s optimized – no. So it may give some lag. I hope you will consider this. The main version is still in Google Review, you will get it if you approve! It is much better and more optimized than that. Have to wait a bit! By the way, how did you like trying the demo version? We’re waiting to find out!

Annihilation Mobile Season 0 Download Link:

  • Annihilation Mobile Season 0 Download PC iOS & Apk || Annihilation Early Access
  • Annihilation Season 1 Game Download PC iOS & Android Version. (Click Here)

Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link

So you need to wait for some days. Then When this game launched in the Google play store all of you can download Annihilation BD Game. We give here the Google Play store Annihilation BD Game old Application. When I found the official Application access, I upload it here immediately.

Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link

Annihilation Game Release Date 30 April 2021.

Update(11-04-2021): (Pre-register end).

Update(04-01-2021): If you want to win the new emote of the Annihilation game for free, pre-register in the play store now and mention your squad.

Annihilation Game Bangladesh Apk Download link:

Playstore link–

Annihilation Apk Download link:

  • Playstore-…
  • Wishlist our game in Steam-…
  • Apple store- Annihilation Game Bangladesh Download iOS Version

Fill out the form to access the beta version of the Annihilation bd game. 


(Registration Link Does Not Work Right Now. Registration time is up)

The Google Play Store link will be updated as soon as Google approves it! Hope guys all of you are getting the Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration link & Annihilation BD Game Download link. For more Annihilation updates visit another post on our website.

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