Annihilation Bangladesh First Battle Royale Game Download Apk & PC

Annihilation Bangladesh First Battle Royale Game. Annihilation Bangladesh First Battle Royale Game Download Apk & PC. Annihilation is the first Sci-fi South Asian-based battle royale game. It is the first Bangladeshi developer battle royal game. This game you can play on PC, Playstation, XBOX, Android, and iOS all devices. It is an online multiplayer 5vs5 and 60 players battle royal shooter game.

Annihilation Bangladesh First Battle Royale Game Download:

You can easily play this game with high graphics. This is the only game that is covered in the Bangladeshi area (Chittagong). Team Death Match(TDM) has other country maps(Japan, Norway).

Update: 25 March 2022:

The game is already available on playstore. The full version will come through the next update in a few days. Game server is currently down for the update. It will be live soon.

Annihilation Available now in Play Store!!!

Play store Download Link: Annihilation Mobile – Apps on Google Play

Annihilation Game Release Date 23 December 2021.

Annihilation Season 0 titled “The Paradox”

Annihilation Season 0 titled “The Paradox” is going to feature an interactive story-based battle royale gameplay. In this season players will be pitted against themselves and the atrocities of the second world war.

Plot- In 2030 on a brink of world war three, “Council” finds itself in a paradox. This war is linked with all the major wars in the past. To stop this war the entire human history needs to be rewritten in a certain order. Council is sending their agents in different timelines with the help of their newly discovered alien time travel technology. But questions are lurking, are we enslaving ourselves to the aliens at the cost of stopping the war? Why do players need to face the battle royale in order to kill the alternate version of themselves? Why do the operators revolting against the council and their purpose? Do we really matter in the vast cosmos?

Upcoming Event of Annihilation Game:

Annihilation Bangladesh First Battle Royale Game Download Apk & PC

The story will gradually be unveiled as the seasons progress and you will have a grasp of the Annihilation Universe.  Gameplay-Choose a unique hero/agent and fight against 60 people in Battle Royale. Each hero has its own advantage and disadvantage so, it’s up to you to utilize them properly. You have a lot of options including.

Tons of weapons -Exciting maps -New Emotes – Unique Skins Stay tuned for season 0 esports league.

Releasing on 22/12/2021:  Recent work in progress
  • – resolving fps issue
  • -working on season 0 event
  • -reworking on gun scope mechanics
  • -fixing server latency
  • -preparing final build

Annihilation Bangladesh First Battle Royale Game Download Apk & PC

Update: 23 November 2021

Annihilation will be released next month, in December. Season 0’s title is “The Paradox”. Annihilation is a Story Based Interactive Battle Royale game. Players will be able to play Annihilation Universe Season 0 as an Episode. Damien in World War II. Why, how did it happen. Players will understand how to protect their timeline this season. Throughout this season, players have to master their character’s skills and survive the endless battle of survival. In addition, there are numerous competitions and e-sports tournaments throughout the season.

Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link

Update: 21 September 2021

“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad” – Shigeru Miyamoto I understand that it can be frustrating to wait for a game but we wouldn’t want to rush the release if it means the game is not ready. That shows how big the game is in terms of content thus requiring us a bit more time. About the hype “Bangladeshi Game” “Country’s 1st Battle Royale game” bla bla. We have huge plans ahead not only in Bangladesh since we already told our target is Global Gaming Community. Just be a bit more patient as we’re fine-tuning the game to ensure the best gaming experience.
– Shahriar Avi.
Update: 3rd June 2021
Game is Updated after Demo Version’s Feedback:
  • – Removed washed out textures. It’s been modified with colourful palates textures.
  • – Game’s Main map has been reduced to 2.8 x 3.7 Kmsq from 4×5 Kmsq.
  • – Gameplay has improved specially from feedback.
  • – User input system has upgraded from user’s feedback.
  • – Changed airplan , lobby and landing system from previous build.
  • – Shooting mechanism has been upgraded and now user friendly in very common typical way.
  • – Game’s in app purchasing system has been modified and changed.
  • – Whole UI System has been changed in modern and competitive way.
  • – Store system has been updated.
  • – User’s accounts are now encrypted by Microsoft verified server.
  • – In Game assets are secured with Encrypted file system.
  • – Multiplayer system has changed and upgraded from previous build.
  • – Bkash and Google pay both are added in game.
  • – Assets has been optimized.
And what? Guess? Game is coming very soon!  Almost everything complete after Google’s Review, Now our 4 Developers are working 18hours a day/night just for successful launch. Be with us, Stay tuned! Many more to come. From Annihilation Senior Community Manager Shahriar Avi 

Update: 11 May 2021
Hello, the developer team recently released the demo version of this game. To get the beta version download. Below I give a link to download the demo version Apk download from the Google play store. The Beta version of Annihilation Mobile has been released on Play Store. To join the beta program, open the link with the Chrome browser. Then press the Join Beta option. Instantly get the link of the game in the Play Store and install it directly from there. If the install option does not appear in the Play Store even after joining Beta, then go down and click on “Re-Join”. Then you can install the installation option from there.

Annihilation Beta version download Link:

Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link

Demo version Download Step by Step:

How to download Annihilation demo version:
Step 1: Go to this link =…/com.CrisisEntertainmentLtd…/
Step 2: Click become a tester.
Step 3: After becoming a tester click “Install the public version on Google Play” text shown in blue colour.
Step 4: Open the game Select your preffered graphics setting and press the button right down corned called “Ok”
Step 5: It will ask to Check email. Input this email “”
Step 6: Play the Demo game.
Annihilation BD Game Beta Access Registration & Download link

<<Click Here>> Annihilation Game Gun Skin Ability || Annihilation Gun Skin Details

Annihilation Update: 29 April 2021

The good news is Annihilation mobile Apk is already uploaded to the google play store. It normally takes three days for the play store to review an app. So you see, we did best from our side to release the game as aforementioned release date 30th April.

Annihilation Game Bangladesh Apk Download link:

I will Upload the Annihilation game Apk Download link on our website. If you want, you can easily download the game by clicking on the link from here. Stay with us to get the Annihilation Game Bangladesh download link. All of you also get those kinds of information like the Annihilation game Apk, Annihilation game download link, Annihilation game Bangladesh download. Annihilation game download from here. You can get annihilation game Apk. To get annihilation apk download. Click on the below link. You will get annihilation bd game download.

Click Playstore link

Everyone can get annihilation game Bangladesh Apk download. I mention the annihilation game download link here. Just check out the below part to get the Annihilation Apk download link. So many people want to get annihilation bd apk download. That’s why I provide here with the Annihilation game Apk download link. Annihilation game Bangladesh apk is available for everyone. So get annihilation game Bangladesh download apk. Annihilation bd game download is a very popular search on the internet. So fast check annihilation game apk download link and play this game.
Annihilation Apk Download link
But the bad news is from “Google”, due to covid 19 it’s taking longer than usual for review. We are trying to contact them and hope not to cause any potential delay. Thanks to the loyal fans of Annihilation for supporting us. – Annihilation Admin Panel.

Annihilation Mobile Season 0 Download Link:

  • Annihilation Mobile Season 0 Download PC iOS & Apk || Annihilation Early Access. (Click Here)
  • Annihilation Season 1 Game Download PC iOS & Android Version. (Click Here)

Choose a unique hero and fight against 60 person in Battle Royale. Each hero has its own advantage and disadvantage so, it’s up to you to utilize them properly. You have a lot of options including- -Tons of weapons -Exciting maps -New Emotes -Upgradable skills -Attractive Skins -Global Esports league Story; It’s 2030 and our heroes start to revolt against a secret organization named as “Council’. Various Alien devices are starting to appear and everybody is deducing that “council’ has something to do with it. It’s up to you to figure out what’s happening. The story will .gradually be unveiled as the season goes and you will have a grasp of the Annihilation Universe.

So many fans are already recommended the developer that doesn’t add any character ability or gun attributes in this game, or else we won’t be able to play this game peacefully. Many people don’t realize that it is a moment of PRIDE for the people of BANGLADESH. We are proud to have such game developers in our country.

Annihilation Mobile Season 0 Download PC iOS & Apk || Annihilation Early Access.

Update 02 April 2021:
Let me answer some FAQ again:
1. Will there be events in the game? (eg. Tournaments or Scrims)
– Yes, there will be our official esports platform, we will focus on esports after 5/6 months from release.
2. How can we join the Certified Content Creators Programme?
– For now, it invites only, we will publish an article regarding this matter soon.
3. On 30th April will it also available on App Store?
– Not actually, it will be delayed for some reason but not much
4. Are we going to see a gameplay trailer before release?
– Yes! Hopefully 10d/5d before releasing.
5. TPP & FPP both will be available on Season 1?
– Sadly No ‘( TPP will be available and FPP will be added on Season 2!

Annihilation beta version download Apk:

  • Playstore-…
  • Wishlist our game in Steam-…
  • Apple Store- Coming Soon!!!!

Update 15 February 2021:

Annihilation Senior Community Manager Shahriar Avi Talks about some topics of this game.
1. When the Annihilation Game is going to be Release?
– Hopefully within 2/3 months.
2. Why don’t you announce the exact date of release?
– If you are familiar with Game Development then you would know If you do your works properly after all everything will be out of your hand. And our Engineering Department is working hard to bring a finished, polished game for everyone, so anytime anything can be changed!
3. What about Playstore Game Logo?
– That’s actually a basic logo, we are now focusing on gameplay trailer content. We have a plan to create an amazing logo soon.
4. How to join the Annihilation Content Creators program? Are there any requirements?
– For now, It’s under our Marketing/Influencer managing Department and It’s invitational, After the game release, we will publish more information about it.
5. Who is now at Annihilation Content Creators Programm?
– Everyone knows them very well  And yes! They are your Favourite PUBG MOBILE, Freefire, CODM, PUBG MOBILE LITE Content Creators. We can’t share their names Because of some issues.
6. Share in-game pictures, updates with us!
– As I mentioned earlier we are now focusing on the Gameplay trailer. So wait for somedays
Anyways keep us in your prayers, Stay tuned!
They also release a new beautiful picture of a character- MARIA
Annihilation Bangladesh First Battle Royale Game 2021

Update(04-01-2021): If you want to win the new emote of the Annihilation game for free, pre-register in the play store now and mention your squad.

If you want to know all kinds of Annihilation Update then click this link:  Annihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

Annihilation Bangladesh Battle Royale Game:

Bangladesh has a huge pool of talent in making games. This game Made by Bangladeshi local talents. This sci-fi game is our entry into the $68 billion global gaming industry. This game is the first Competitive Multiplayer game made in Bangladesh.

Also, this game competitive FPS was made by a Bangladeshi developer. This game was developed by Crisis Entertainment. This game will be their first game of an upcoming game universe in Bangladesh.

Annihilation Bangladesh Game language:

You cant find this game in the Bengali language. Cause this game distributing for worldwide. That’s mean this game not only for Bangladesh. You can find so many Bangla language posters and banners. In this article, I gove this video game trailer in the last paragraph.

Annihilation Game Bangladesh Release Date:

Update: Annihilation Game Bangladesh Release Date 30 April 2021.

Annihilation Mobile Season 0 Download Link

You know that so many games did not release early in Bangladesh. We hearing some news but not found those games anymore. But Annihilation must release in December month. We saw that this game first trailer told us the Annihilation Bangladesh Battle Royale Game release date in September.

Update: For many reasons, After finishing beta testing this Annihilation game will release.

Annihilation Release date

But we did not find this game anywhere. For this question the developer team says we fixed all kinds of bugs on the game that’s why we take more time-release this game. The mobile version will be released within 1-2 months of the game release. This game develops starting last in 2018 December.

Annihilation Game Map details:

Authority officially releases a map of the Chittagong Division.Annihilation Game Map details

Annihilation Game’s Character Name, Origin, Power:

In-game you found a Bangladeshi character name is Maria. We saw many game girls wear western dress or saree but didn’t found anywhere who wear ‘salwar kameez’. Maria, the alien slaying character, is based in Dhaka. In-game you can play with a total of eight characters. There is another character called is Laila.

Name Age Sex Origin Power
BABU VAI 29 Male Bangladesh 1-Grapple Hook. 2-travel with his grapple hook.
ZAIN 32 Male Bangladesh 1-High Recoil Control. 2-Extra backpack inventory.
MARIA 22 Female Bangladesh 1-Healer. 2-heal herself and her team faster. 3-Can spawn ammo and life kit.
BEATRIX 27 Female Australia 1-Shock Wave. 2-shot laser shockwave from her gadget attached to her body.
AKILAH EHMED 30 Female Syria 1-Arrow Master. 2-Comes with an attached arrow.
REO KAZUMI 19 Female Japan Upcoming.
DAMIEN OSCAR 16 Male USA 1-Hacker and Drone master. 2-hack robots. 3-find enemy with his drone.
SALMAN SHAH 22 Male Bangladesh UNKNOWN

Annihilation Game Story:

The annihilation game revolves around a civil war prompted by an alien species. They arrived in our world and we need to defeat them. This alien name is Darkseid. He brings his army to earth to make his bad plan. In this game, you will saw a similar alien race infiltrates humans in this world.

Annihilation Game System Requirements:

Annihilation PC Requirements:

You need a minimum Intel Corei3 processor and operating system windows7. You need 6 GB RAM with Graphics- Nvidia GTX 560. Also, need DirectX- Version 11. for better performance take a broadband internet connection. This game total needs storage of 25 GB. It’s minimum requirement.

Annihilation Bangladeshi Game PC Version Release Date: When the mobile version is launched, then the PC version release will be after 3/4 months.

They Recommended for the Best Performance:

  1. OS: 10
  2. Processor: Intel Core i7
  3. Memory: 8 GB RAM
  4. Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1050 ti Or Higher
  5. DirectX: Version 11
  6. Network: Broadband Internet connection
  7. Storage: 25 GB available space

Add Annihilation to your Steam Wishlist now:


Annihilation Game Bangladesh Download PC Version. If you want to Download Annihilation game PC version then here I give a link about Annihilation Steam Wishlist. You can Download this Annihilation PC game from Steam. So click this link to get Annihilation Game Bangladesh Download PC Version.

It’s totally free. No need to buy it. So guys are you happy or sad?

Annihilation PC Requirements

Annihilation Mobile Requirements:

There are two mobile versions of the Annihilation Bangladeshi game. One is normal and another one is a lite version. If you want to play on the Mobile version, then you need 2 GB RAM and 8 and above OS. OS means your operating system. And the lite version you just need 1 GB RAM and OS:7.

Annihilation Mobile Requirements

Annihilation iPhone (IOS) Requirements:

iPhone OS 10 And need only 1 GB RAM. Cause we know that iPhone has a strong operating system and they have the best quality.

 If We find an average player base from PC and Mobile version we will release on console. Our Game project is universal, switching our project is a mere task of 1 hour. But Sony has strong policies and restrictions. So, a huge player base on other platforms can boost our release on PlayStation.- Annihilation Authority.

Annihilation Game Developer:

The Co-founder of Crisis Entertainment says that this game we are developing for the first time. we will realize many games from our team Crisis Entertainment. Siam Hasan Uday is a Former Game Developer at Riseup Labs. He is a Co-founder of Crisis Entertainment. Siam Hasan Uday Studying B.Sc in Software Engineering at American International University – Bangladesh.

Already you know the platform you played this game. Now I talking about other information. This game has no cost. you can purchase or download it on the developer team website or google play store and other websites. Crisis Entertainment has a branch in Australia. But this game fully developed in Bangladesh.

Name Catagory
Siam Hasan Uday Co-founder
Shadman Sian financial and marketing director
Faruq Imran game management
Nahid Ul Kabir 3D artist and level designer
Misbah Habib programmer

Annihilation Gun Collection:

I found a new update of this game. Annihilation gives some information about the gun collection. The New gun skin name is  “Gold digger”

Annihilation Bangladesh First Battle Royale Game 2020

If you want to see all gun collections then click this link below, where I upload all annihilation in-game gun skin names with images.

If you want to know all kinds of Annihilation Gun collection then click this linkAnnihilation All update Bangladeshi Game 2021

We are talking here about multiple topics like gameplay characters, guns, vehicles, graphics, etc. Everyone support this game. You can check our other Game review below this part.

Annihilation Official Social Account:

  • Twitter: @Annihilation_CE
  • Playstore-…
  • Wishlist Annihilation on Steam:
  • Youtube Link:
  • Facebook group- Annihilation Official Group
  • Facebook Page: Annihilation
  • Discord-
  • Reddit-
  • Company Page:
  • Twitch:
  • Instagram:

If you want to get all kinds of Annihilation Pictures, Photos, Images Then Click this link: Annihilation Game Pictures, Photos, Images, & Wallpapers

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