Atsu paid fines to free over 150 prisoners

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The head of the Crime Check TV program Ibrahim Oppong Kwateng has revealed that the late Christian Atsu paid fines for over 150 prisoners to be set free.

Speaking about the help Christian Atsu has been to a lot of people, Ibrahim Oppong disclosed how the footballer reached out to him five years ago to collaborate to help the most vulnerable.

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During an interview on the GTV Breakfast show, Mr. Kwateng disclosed that he and Christian Atsu collaborated to introduce the Petty Offenders Project officially.

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‘His dream was to see the fines of petty offenders paid to avoid the prospect of recidivism, where they have to go to prison, come back, and re-offend,’‘ he said.

According to Kwarteng, Christian Atsu played a significant role in their Ex-Convict Reintegration Project and worked tirelessly to advocate for the non-custodial sentencing bill to be passed into law.

In addition to paying fines to release minor offenders, Kwarteng said that the late football star donated countless times to Crime Check’s General Charity Series and Educational Support Series.

‘He covered many people across the country’s medical and educational costs. He also provided funds for widows and orphans to launch businesses,’‘ he said.

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