Bake a Pie in Solidarity Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Bake a Pie in Solidarity Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

On March 14, Bake a Pie in Solidarity Day is observed. The mere thought of desserts makes us salivate. Almost every country has a version of this cuisine, demonstrating the versatility and delectability of pies. In the United States, pies are virtually the national confection. A portion of apple pie with ice cream on top is as American as the Statue of Liberty or an old Western film. Pies represent comfort, affection, and community. Spread the love on Bake a Pie in Solidarity Day by baking and sharing this dish with those around you.

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The background of Bake a Pie in Solidarity Day

Around 6000 B.C., the earliest tarts were discovered in ancient Egypt. As soon as we discovered how to cook, humans began baking pastries. Ground cereals such as barley, oats, and rye were used to make the first pies, which were filled with honey and baked over hot coals or ashes. These pastries, known as “galettes,” became a popular dish, and the recipe remained unchanged for more than 4,000 years.

The Egyptians perfected their culinary techniques over time, and in 1300 B.C., they began incorporating fruits and nuts into their pies. The Greeks began creating galettes in imitation of the Egyptians, but instead of honey, nuts, and fruits, they used meat. When the Romans conquered Greece, they adopted this pastry dish and added seafood, oysters, eels, and mussels to the filling options. Roman pastries had lighter, flakier crusts, and were served with each course of the meal.

In the seventeenth century, pies came to resemble those eaten today. After their arrival in Europe approximately 400 years ago, pies became a popular dish among both the wealthy and the impoverished. Shepherd’s pie and its relative, cottage pie, were popular among English and Irish labourers. British settlers introduced pies to the United States, adapting the recipe to the ingredients available in their new home. As sugar, canned fruits, and finely milled flour became more accessible in the 19th century, pies evolved into a confection pastry. Town fairs in the United States awarded prizes to the finest pie bakers. Modern ovens made it possible to mass-produce pies in the 19th century, and soon every municipality had a bakery stocked with these delectable pastries.

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Bake a pie

Roll up your sleeves, knead some dough, select a delectable filling, and bake a pie at home. Online, you can find dozens of recipes, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Visit a patisserie.

Maybe you don’t want to prepare a pie at home, or you don’t have the necessary ingredients. Investigate the options at your neighbourhood patisserie. Examine various pies to determine your preference.

Deliver a pastry to work.

Why not include your coworkers in your festivities? Bring pie or desserts to the office. It can be handmade or purchased. Important is that everyone has the opportunity to participate.

National Pie Day 2023: Date, History, Recipes, different types of pies


17 catering students from Stratford-upon-Avon College created the world’s largest beef pie, which weighed an incredible 23,236 pounds.

At the Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire, a pie containing edible gold leaf, truffles, and wagyu beef costing $14,260 was served.

Each year, the United States sells more than 186 million pies, with apple pies being the most popular, followed by pumpkin and chocolate pies.

These pastries were filled with honey and topped with a crust made of barley, oats, rye, or wheat.

The term “humble pie” derives from a mediaeval pastry dish eaten by the lower classes; the pie fillings consisted of leftover flesh such as the heart, kidney, liver, and lungs.


Year Date Day
2023 March 14 Tuesday
2024 March 14 Thursday
2025 March 14 Friday
2026 March 14 Saturday
2027 March 14 Sunday

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