Best Magilumic Orbs in The Diofield Chronicle [Tier List]

Best Magilumic Orbs is a website that provides information and resources on the use of magilumic orbs. Magilumic orbs are small, silver objects that have the ability to heal, protect, and bring good luck. They are often used in rituals and spellcasting practices and are believed to have originated from Atlantis or other ancient civilizations.

Best Magilumic Orbs in The Diofield Chronicle – Find out which Magilumic orbs are perfect and offer unique and valuable aids to help you take the lead in battle!

Most of the objectives in The DioField Chronicle require you to defeat and route enemies. While your troops are more than capable of dealing with enemy forces on their own, you even have Magilumic Orbs at your disposal. With these requiring TP to make use of, you might be wondering what the perfect magical orbs are in The DioField Chronicle.

All Magilumic Orbs Ranked

Tier Magilumic Orb
S Bahamet, Fenrir, Goldhorne
A Coeurl
B Salamander, Ouruboros

These are the perfect magic orbs and summons in The DioField Chronicle. We suggest using them over Coeurl, Salamander and Ouroboros and spending any Jade Crystal that is important to upgrade them. Here are our suggestions for the perfect magic orbs in The DioField Chronicle.

Best Magilumic Orbs in The Diofield Chronicle – Bahamut

Despite being the initial Magilumic Orb, this summon is probably the best in the game. It has a low price, hits a large space and offers unimaginable damage. For simply taking out enemies, Bahamut gets the job done and makes it look easy. For an affordable and very effective summon, we suggest upgrading this Magiluminescent Orb even further.

Best Magilumic Orbs in The Diofield Chronicle – Fenrir

Fenrir also has a low price of only one TP, like Bahamut, but does much less damage. However, this Magilumic Orb more than makes up for that by making use of the freeze debuff to any enemy in its focused space. Applying freeze leaves enemies unable to behave for a short period of time, giving you ample alternative to defeat them or reposition your items.

Best Magilumic Orbs in The Diofield Chronicle – Goldhorne

Goldhorne earns a place among the best magic orbs due to his unimaginable helpful talents. It restores HP and EP to all items with focused space, permitting you to hold your items up and prepared for movement. Sadly, it requires 2 TP to use, which means its use is restricted, and you’ll have to calculate when to use it. But keeping your items alive is more than worth spending the TP on this invocation.

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