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Gospel musician Sonnie Badu started a conversation online where he claimed that eating pork easily exposes one to demonic attacks.

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Sonnie Badu said;

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“When the devil wants to get through to you, they must first test your spiritual appetite. The number one way through which witches invade bodies is food. Also, the Bible declares that some animals are unclean. What do you think an unclean animal is? In order words, when that unclean animal is found in you spiritually, it gives the witch quick access to jump in.

“Anything that has pork, pork is unclean! Even when you go to the Chinese restaurant and they ask for your order and you say pork, they keep asking you just to be sure, because they are aware of the kind of animal you are requesting to have.”

Blakk Rasta has waded into the conversation and has listed some negative consequences that pork eating has on the human body.

“I don’t know about pork filled with demons. The only time I saw pigs and demons cast into them was in the days of Jesus Christ where they all got drowned. But I know there are bigger demons in pork than what Sonnie Badu is talking about. Why should anyone be happy about eating pork? This is an animal that has all the abominable diseases.

“It is an animal that is a homosexual. It is an animal that has no respect. And this is your best meat? Listen! Pork has a certain kind of worm that does not die easily. Not even after 100 degrees Celsius of heating. It is called Taenia solium. I remember this from my days of doing general science. Pork has a certain formidable and robust worm that does not easily die.”

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Pork has one of the highest levels of cholesterol. Pork is not healthy. 99.99% of all those getting heart attacks are from those eating pork. Be careful. Be very careful. I do not know about any demons but I know that if you love your life, you won’t eat animals. This is a very serious truth. By now some people are insulting me. Muslims will be clapping in one corner. Some others will stand somewhere and say I am high on wee. Continue eating the pork and when you are dying in the hospital I will come and shake your hand and urge you to die quickly,” Blakk Rasta noted.

Blakk Rasta, further, tackled individuals who are fond of eating meat or even slaughtering them.

“Why should you even kill the animal? The way you love your life is the same way the animal loves his life. Why do you want to kill the animal and eat it? Is it not barbarism? Why should any human being eat animals at all? Why should you eat it? Leave the animal and let it grow and live. You catch it and barbarically slaughter it with so much violence. You cook it and eat, then you are not ashamed to come and say it is sweet,” he added.


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