Blox Fruits Leveling Guide (2023)

The Blox Fruits Leveling Guide is a helpful tool that can help players level up their characters quickly and easily. It is a convenient online resource that uses real-time data analysis to calculate the optimum time and amount of EXP needed to level up your character. The Leveling Guide also provides tips on how to increase your character’s stats and abilities, making it easier for you to succeed in combat and progress through the game. The Leveling Guide is updated regularly with new information, so be sure to check it frequently to stay ahead of the curve.

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide – We explain the best methods to farm exp and level up with different fruits – Buddha, Elemental…

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide – Stats

Although the method changes slightly depending on whether you use Buddha or Elemental fruit, in general we recommend you always have your stats at 60% Melee and 40% Defense approx, and from there we will explain the variations depending on the fruit. And among all the options that we are going to show you, the best is to use the Buddha Fruit

Buddha Fruit

If you can, it is best that you use Buddha. Even if you don’t adjust the stats, it will always be the best option.

If you have Buddha Awakened the best is: Put 65-80% in melee and 20-35% in defense, then use transformation

Buddha is the best fruit because of:

  • For hitting enemies at a range
  • For its effectiveness against enemies with Aura
  • And for the Third Sea, since the Elemental effect requires a lot of high levels in Third Sea.

In case you don’t know how to get it, here are the guides to get the Buddha Fruit and the Awakened Buddha Fruit. In fact, even if you have other fruits, we think it’s worth forgetting everything else and focusing on grinding with Buddha

Elemental Fruit

It is the second best option after the Buddha Fruit

For any elemental fruit: 60-70% in melee and 30-40% in defense and use melee fighting styles.

If you have a High Damage Fruit: 60-70% fruit and 20% melee & defense

Natural or Beast

Either of the two options above (Buddha or Elemental) is better. Although if you do not have any, Natural or Beast can serve you. You might even like them more if you’re used to them, as they are much more versatile in abilities such as AoE, DoT, Stun and overall damage. The only thing we recommend is to group up all the nearby NPCs to max damage output

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide – Tips

Some additional tips for your farming

  • The guns will be very useful to you, since they attract the attention of the NPCs and make the task easier.
  • Use if you want to farm at night or when you don’t want to actively play, it’s good for any swords/style

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide – Video Guide

In case you are interested in learning more about the subject, we leave you this video from Chulo2Pro in which he explains through gameplays the best way to grind and level up

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