Bustafellows Joker Walkthrough (Extra)

Bustafellows Joker Walkthrough is a video guide that teaches players how to defeat Bustafellows Joker in the video game Batman: Arkham Knight. The guide was created by YouTube user SwiftyJ, and it has been viewed over 1.5 million times. The walkthrough is divided into 12 sections, and it covers everything from how to defeat Bustafellows Joker as quickly and easily as possible to more advanced strategies that are specific to the challenges faced in the mission.

Bustafellows Joker Walkthrough (Extra) – Complete Joker or Extra route and unlock the good or best ending, the normal ending and also the bad endings

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Bustafellows Joker Walkthrough (Extra)

Start a New Game, but go to Extra and select Joker

  • Left > will unlock memorabilia 045

Rinse Repeat Joker

You will unlock Archive 58 and also Memorabilia 046

Rinse Repeat Joker

  • Middle
  • Keep playing as-is
  • I’m not swapping them out and that’s final!

You will unlock Archive 59 and also Memorabilia 044


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