Camp Fire Girls day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Camp Fire Girls day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Camp Fire Girls Day is annually observed on March 17. It honors the efforts of Camp Fire, a juvenile development organization. In 1975, when boys were permitted to join, the organization’s name was changed from Camp Fire Girls of America to Camp Fire Boys and Girls. In 2001, the organization’s name was changed once more to Camp Fire U.S.A., and in 2012, it was renamed Camp Fire. Camp Fire Girls Day is observed to commemorate the organization’s founding and the amazing work they do. Camp Fire Girls Day greetings to all!

The background of Camp Fire Girls day

The Boy Scouts had existed for some time, but there was no comparable organization for young women that permitted them to pursue their interests. Together with Mrs. Charles Farnsworth and Mr. and Mrs. Luther Gulick, William Chauncey Langdon founded a national organization for females. This group of females was dubbed the Camp Fire females by Langdon. Camp Fire Girls became a formal organization in 1912, and Camp Fire Girls of America was incorporated.

It was viewed as a companion organization to the Boy Scouts of America. By the end of 1913, there were 60,000 members of Camp Fire! In 1914, their first manual was published. They sold Liberty Bonds, conserved food, and supported French and Belgian orphans during the First World War. The group’s 50th anniversary was commemorated by planting two million trees and constructing thirteen thousand birdhouses. By 1974, their membership had reached 274,000, and in 1975 they began accepting males. Previously, the program was called program Fire Boys and Girls.

The majority of Camp Fire’s programs focus on leadership development, camping, environmental education, child care education, and service learning. There are also programs that are tailored to the requirements of the community. Camping has always been an important aspect of Camp Fire, and there are now 130 sites across the nation. Members labor in a variety of age groups. They are named Little Stars, Starflight, Adventure, Discovery, and Horizon, from youngest to eldest. The WoHeLo medallion is the organization’s most prestigious distinction, given to 200 members annually.

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Create a Campfire

Camp Fire Girls Day is observed by enrolling your children in Camp Fire. Additionally, encourage your peers to do likewise. If you were previously a member of Camp Fire, describe how the camp improved your life.

Participate in Camp Fire

Join Camp Fire as a volunteer on Camp Fire Girls Day. Donate your skills to the organizations and determine how you can be of assistance. This is an excellent method to contribute to the community.

Organize a campfire

Additionally, you can commemorate Camp Fire Girls Day by hosting a campfire. Include your loved ones and spend the day outside. Participate in outdoor activities and make s’mores, among other things!


Approximately 42 million Americans camp annually.

The 1927 manual included the smores recipe.

Approximately 68% of adult vacationers in the United States camp with their family.

Camping flashlights are the most commonly purchased item.

Drowning is the leading cause of mortality while camping.


Year Date Day
2023 March 17 Friday
2024 March 17 Sunday
2025 March 17 Monday
2026 March 17 Tuesday
2027 March 17 Wednesday

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