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Sonnie Badu has inspired his fans on social media by sharing photos of his fleet of cars in a new post on Twitter uploaded on Thursday.

The renowned gospel singer and preacher shared a photo of his GMC SUV and Mercedes Benz which he called ‘toys’ and said he was readying to wash them.

The two black cars worth millions of cedis were photographed in front of his Atlanta home.

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“Dreams do come true.. car wash day for the toys .. I pray for you that everything you have dreamt about becoming will become a reality in Jesus name,” he captioned the photo.

In a separate post, he mentioned that Mercedes Benz car is his favourite car brand.

“I love black cars what’s your favorite color? I also love Mercedes I don’t do any other … what’s your fav car? I dreamt this now I live it by God’s grace … you are next in line,” he added.

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