Celesteela and Kartana Pokemon Go moves

Celesteela and Kartana Pokemon Go move. The movements of the new Pokemon Celesteela and Kartana from Pokemon Go.

Photo: Niantic

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Celesteela and Kartana’s Pokemon Go moves

Next, you will be able to see the movements of Celesteela and Kartana added to the game, you will be able to catch them in raids of level 5 (raids of 5 stars) but this article helps you to know the movements before catching them or to know what the movements are if you still do not you have managed to catch some in raids. If you plan to exchange a legendary Pokemon for another such as Celesteela and Kartana, remember that exchanging legendary Pokemon without having them registered in the Pokedex will involve a VERY high cost of stardust. Here is a small table of Celesteela and Kartana’s attacks:


  • Fast Moves
  • Charged Moves
    • Iron Head
    • Body Slam
    • Heavy Slam
    • Bulldoze


  • Fast Moves
  • Charged Moves
    • Leaf Blade
    • X Scissor
    • Night Stash
    • Aerial Ace

Source: Pokeminers

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