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Due to the large number of out-of-state visitors, car accidents are common in Florida. However, are you familiar with the leading causes of these accidents in Florida? We discovered a recent survey on distracted driving conducted by a Gainesville, Florida auto accident attorney while browsing the Internet. We have based our explanation of the causes of auto accidents in Florida on this survey. So, let’s begin with the primary findings of the survey.

Among the key findings of the 2023 survey on distracted driving were the following:

The majority of respondents admitted to talking on the phone while driving at least once per month.
The majority of respondents stated they had never texted while driving.
One-fifth of the participants admitted to having narrowly avoided an accident while texting.

By understanding this Florida car accident causes, you can prevent these types of collisions from occurring.

The Most Frequent Car Accident Causes in Florida

Let’s delve deeper into the most common causes of car accidents in Florida.

Inattentive Driving

Perhaps the most common cause of car accidents in Florida is inattentive driving. This occurs when the driver’s attention is diverted away from driving. The list includes taking their foot off the gas pedal because they are distracted while driving. Consequently, accidents occur.

15% of respondents responded affirmatively to the question of whether an accident was caused by inattentive driving, whereas 85% responded negatively. Remember that it only takes a second for a near-accident to occur. When driving at high speeds, the risk ratio increases even further.

Due to the high volume of traffic on the road, it only takes a split second for an inattentive driver to cause an accident.

53% of survey respondents reported knowing someone who was involved in an auto accident caused by an inattentive driver. This is a shocking number!

Quick calls made by drivers while driving can occasionally result in an accident. Approximately 20% of the drivers surveyed in the distracted driving survey reported being involved in a near-collision while texting.

Considering that only 40% of all participants admitted to texting while driving, this number is shocking. Approximately half of those who texted while driving were involved in near-misses due to their phone use!


Everyone is aware that Florida has speed limits that allow travelers to reach their desired destination without difficulty. However, younger drivers have a tendency to exceed these speeds. This is possibly the leading cause of car accidents in Florida.

When drivers exceed the speed limit, it is extremely difficult to navigate corners and turns safely and securely. In addition, when a car collides with another vehicle, the likelihood of severe injuries and death increases dramatically.

Confusion over Texting While Driving Laws

42% of survey respondents believed that Florida’s texting-while-driving laws, such as Florida Statute 316.305, are a resounding success. While the remaining 58% held a contrary view.

The state of Florida is not indifferent to texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving. 48 states, three territories, and the District of Columbia prohibit texting while operating a motor vehicle.

If you have ever been involved in a car accident in Florida and wish to seek compensation for injuries sustained as a result of negligent driving, you should contact an experienced Florida car accident attorney.

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