Christian Atsu should have given his money to the church instead of poor people

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The leader and founder of Shiloh Prayer Service, Pastor Eliezer Oswald Awuyeh has said that Christian Atsu should have given his money to the church instead of the poor.

The late Chrisitan Atsu has been hailed and praised by a lot of people who have benefitted from his benevolence. A lot of people have shared online how Christian Atsu has been of help to them.

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While speaking to his congregation, the man of God argued that the late player had fallen short of the glory of God because instead of paying his tithes to the church, he was spending his money on the less privileged in society.

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Speaking further, Pastor Eliezer stated that the Bible gave clear and precise instructions in the Bible that tithes should be given to the church and not to poor people.

The man of God insisted that Atsu spent huge fortunes on poor people just to make them comfortable while ignoring the house of God. He added that Atsu’s kind gestures and hospitability will not earn him a Heavenly reward because God’s attention was far from him.

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