Cult of the Lamb Recipes

Cult of the Lamb Recipes – Full List – All the Ingredients, All the Effects, and how to unlock new recipes and find more ingredients

Cult of the Lamb Recipes – All the Ingredients

These are the ingredients that each recipe requires

  • Grassy Gruel: x5 Grass
  • Basic Berry Bowl: x6 Berries
  • Paltry Pumpkin Soup: x4 Pumpkins
  • Meager Mixed Meal: x4 Berries + x2 Minnows + x2 Morsels
  • Stringy Meat Gruel: x3 Morsels
  • Pungent Fish Stew: x3 Minnows
  • Bowl of Poop: x3 Fertilizers
  • Minced Follower Meat: x3 Follower Meat + x5 Bones
  • Deadly Dish: Follower Meat + Fertilizer + Grass
  • Cheery Cauliflower Chowder: x4 Cauliflowers
  • Tasty Fish Meal: x3 Salmon
  • Hearty Meat Broth: x2 Meat
  • Modest Mixed Meal: x4 Pumpkins + x2 Salmon + x2 Meat
  • Mighty Meat Feast: x4 Meat + Crab + Lobster
  • Magnificent Mixed Meal: x4 Beetroots + x2 Tunas + x2 Meat
  • Splendid Vegetable Feast: x6 Beetroots + x2 Pumpkins + x2 Cauliflower
  • Delicious Fish Feast: Squid + Octopus + Blowfish + Swordfish

Cult of the Lamb Recipes – All the Effects

These are the effects that each recipe will produce

  • Grassy Gruel: 25% chance illness
  • Basic Berry Bowl: 15% chance Follower poop
  • Paltry Pumpkin Soup: 5% chance diarrhea and illness
  • Meager Mixed Meal: 10% chance Follower loyalty increase
  • Stringy Meat Gruel: 10% chance exhaustion.
  • Pungent Fish Stew: 10% chance illness
  • Bowl of Poop: 50% chance diarrhea and illness and -20 Faith
  • Minced Follower Meat: 75% chance illness, 25% chance increase Follower loyalty, 40% chance stop Followers from dissenting, and – 20 Faith.
  • Deadly Dish: 75% chance follower die & 100% chance drop valuable resources
  • Cheery Cauliflower Chowder: 25% chance drop valuable resources & 5% chance illness
  • Tasty Fish Meal: 25% chance drop valuable resources & 15% chance Follower vomit
  • Hearty Meat Broth: 25% chance drop valuable resources & 15% chance Follower poop
  • Modest Mixed Meal: 20% chance increase Follower loyalty
  • Mighty Meat Feast: 75% chance drop valuable resources
  • Magnificent Mixed Meal: 100% chance increase Follower loyalty
  • Splendid Vegetable Feast: 59% chance increase Follower loyalty & +5 to Faith
  • Delicious Fish Feast: 25% chance drop valuable resources & 30% Follower to recover from an illness

How to Unlock new recipes?

All you have to do to unlock a recipe is get the ingredients it requires, so check out our first section (Ingredients) to find out what you’re missing.


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