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International Day of Action For Rivers 2023: Date, History, Facts about River

International Day of Action For Rivers, observed annually on March 14, is a day dedicated to preserving, commemorating, and raising awareness of the significance of rivers. Every day, two million tonnes of sewage, industrial, and agricultural refuse are dumped into the global water supply. Certainly, it is equivalent to the weight of the entire 6,8 billion-person human population! Therefore, it is necessary for us to save our rivers for the benefit of humanity.

The background of International Day of Action For Rivers

The International Day of Action For Rivers was established by the International Day of Rivers to raise awareness of the significance of rivers. It brings together people from all over the globe to discuss and protect rivers by addressing issues such as river management, river pollution, river conservation, etc.

The origins of the International Day of Action For Rivers are a fascinating topic of study. In September 1995, the International Rivers Network (I.R.N. ), the Save the Narmada Movement (N.B.A. ), the Biobio Action Group (GABB) of Chile, and the European Rivers Network (ERN) convened in Brazil for a preparatory meeting. In response, they established an international Organizing Committee led by the Brazilian Movement of Persons Affected by Large Dams (MAB).

In March 1997, in Curitiba, Brazil, the First International Meeting of Persons Affected by Dams adopted the International Day of Action Against Dams and For Rivers, Water and Life. In addition, they chose March 14 as the date for the International Day of Action for Rivers.

International Day of Action For Rivers will have a theme every year, and in 2021, the theme was “River Rights.” It demanded that rivers be designated as a national asset and granted legal protections to prevent them from becoming refuse and sewage dumps.

To raise awareness and disseminate the message, environmentalists organise workshops, seminars, and other events to commemorate this day. Therefore, let’s take a position against river-damaging activities and protect them at all costs.

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In developing nations, more than 80 percent of effluent is discharged untreated into rivers and other water sources, contaminating them.

The terminus of a river is known as its mouth, and it discharges the river’s water into the ocean or vast lakes.

Roe River, the shortest river in the United States, is only 201 feet long and is located in Montana.

The vibrant hues of the River Cano, which flows through Columbia, make it one of the most attractive rivers in the world.

The River Ganga in India is revered as a goddess and revered as a sacred river.


Year Date Day
2023 March 14 Tuesday
2024 March 14 Thursday
2025 March 14 Friday
2026 March 14 Saturday
2027 March 14 Sunday

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