Daughter, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth

Mizkif Biography: Daughter, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth

Mizkif Biography: Matthew Rinaudo, also known as Mizkif, is a prominent Twitch streamer and YouTuber from the United States. Due to his ability to make people chuckle and his ability to create original content, he has amassed a significant fan base.

In addition to being a well-known content creator, Mizkif co-founded and co-owns the gaming organization One True King.

Mizkif’s participation in the Twitch streaming community is extensive, as he has organized a large number of events and charity streams in collaboration with other prominent broadcasters.

In March 2020, Mizkif attracted a great deal of attention after he earned more than $5,600 through a sleeping broadcast in which he slept for more than five hours.

During the 2020 presidential election in the United States, Mizkif was the third most-viewed Twitch streamer.

In 2022, the Twitch streamer was nominated for The Streamer Awards’ Streamer of the Year award, which recognizes distinction in the streaming industry.

In the same year, he also won the Best Just Chatting Streamer award.

Who Is Mizkif Daughter, Wife

Popular Twitch streamer Matthew was romantically involved with fellow streamer Maya Higa.

Maya’s passion for wildlife conservation is well-known, and she frequently takes her viewers on educational excursions to investigate the natural world.

The couple began dating in 2019 and had previously declared their intention to wed at some stage.

On September 14, 2021, however, Matthew announced on TwitLonger that he and Maya had ended their relationship.

Mizkif and Maya assured their admirers in a joint statement that there was no particular reason for their separation.

They emphasized that there was no cheating or drama involved in their decision, and they both concurred that it was the best course of action under the circumstances.

Despite the dissolution of their intimate relationship, Matthew and Maya remain close friends and offer mutual support during this trying time.

Notable is the fact that Mizkif is unmarried and childless.

Mizkif Age, Height

Matthew Rinaudo, who was born in Montclair, New Jersey, on February 16, 1995, had a relatively typical upbringing. He grew up with his brother and Emily Rinaudo, his sister.

Matthew, who is 5 feet 9 inches tall, has always had a passion for online gaming and aspired to become an online gaming streamer.

However, after graduating from secondary school, he decided to pursue a degree in finance. Even though he was interested in gaming, he realized the necessity of having a backup plan just in case.

In 2016, after concluding his education, Rinaudo began streaming to a small community of fans. Despite his initial low viewership, he continued to produce engaging content for his audience.

In 2018, his popularity surged as a result of his work as Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino’s cameraman. This collaboration aided Matthew’s rise to prominence, and he soon became a ubiquitous name in the gaming community.

He has candidly discussed his heart condition, known as viral myocarditis, on his social media platforms. Despite this, he continues to pursue his passion for gaming and content creation.

In addition to his cardiac condition, Rinaudo has discussed his difficulties with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. (ADHD).

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Mizkif Net Worth

Currently, Matthew Rinaudo is one of the most prominent figures on the platform. This well-known broadcaster primarily broadcasts Just Chatting sessions and gaming content to his substantial audience.

With an estimated net worth of $700.000, Mizkif has been very forthcoming about his financial situation. During a stream in early 2020, he disclosed to his supporters that his after-tax net worth was approximately $500,000 USD.

In 2016, Mizkif made his first foray into content creation when he launched his independent YouTube channel. Today, he has garnered a significant following on both Twitch and YouTube, with over 2 million Twitch followers and 860,000 YouTube subscribers.

In 2018, Mizkif shifted his concentration to Twitch and created exclusive content for his channel on the platform.

The streamer is also known for his philanthropic endeavors, including a fundraiser for a children’s hospital in which he and his followers raised over $20,000 to buy toys for patients.

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