Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List & Reroll Guide

Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List is a list of the different levels of difficulty found in the game. Players start out at Level 1, which is the easiest level and can be completed in about 15 minutes. As players progress through the game, they will unlock new levels that are more difficult. The levels are color coded based on the player’s progress: green for Level 1, yellow for Level 2, orange for Level 3, and red for Levels 4 and 5.

Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List & Reroll Guide – Looking for the full Twisted Wonderland tier list? Then you’ve come to the right place, because today we’re going to delve into our list of the best cards in the game and give you an idea of ​​which cards to reroll on your first tenfold pull.

There are tons of quests to complete, lessons to learn, and cards to discover, but today we’re just turning our attention to the best cards in the game.

In short, there are three types/rarities of cards: R, SR, and SSR. SSR cards are the best, but SR cards aren’t far behind. R (rare) cards are nice, but they’re not a late-game way to defeat high-HP enemies and have a limited number of turns.

Top Cards In Disney Twisted Wonderland

Our Twisted Wonderland ranking shows you the best cards currently available in the game.

Keep in mind that the game’s rating banner changes periodically. So if you’re looking for a specific card, I’d recommend keeping the free gems until there’s a banner that gives you something you like.

It’s also worth noting that the cards have different uniforms (appearance, name, rarity, ability). For example, if there is an S-rated puzzle, it should not be confused with a B-rated puzzle card. Just make sure you check the full name!

Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List – SS – Tier

Rarity SS Tier
  • Ruggie [Outdoor Wear]
  • Riddle [Dorm Uniform]
  • Leona [Dorm Uniform]
  • Riddle [Labwear]
  • Ace [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Rook [Labwear]
  • Idia [Labwear]
  • Malleus [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Epel [PE Uniform]
  • Rook [School Uniform]
  • Ortho [Archetype Gear]

Disney Twisted Wonderland Tier List – S – Tier

Rarity S Tier
  • Jade [Halloween]
  • Leona [Gala Couture]
  • Jack [Dorm Uniform]
  • Kalim [Dorm Uniform]
  • Deuce [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Cater [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Labwear]
  • Jack [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Ruggie [Labwear]
  • Azul [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Azul [Dorm Uniform]
  • Jade [Labwear]
  • Jade [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Labwear]
  • Jamil [Dorm Uniform]
  • Jamil [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Vil [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Malleus [Labwear]
  • Lilia [Labwear]
  • Floyd [School Uniform]
  • Vil [PE Uniform]
  • Rook [PE Uniform]
  • Idia [School Uniform]
  • Sebek [PE Uniform]

A – Tier

Rarity A Tier
  • Vil [Halloween]
  • Jamil [Birthday Showcase]
  • Riddle [Birthday Showcase]
  • Epel [Birthday Showcase]
  • Sebek [Birthday Showcase]
  • Floyd [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ace [Dorm Uniform]
  • Cater [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Dorm Uniform]
  • Lilia [Halloween]
  • Rook [Beans Camo]
  • Floyd [Outdoor Wear]
  • Silver [Apprentice Chef]
  • Riddle [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Apprentice Chef]
  • Leona [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Epel [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Idia [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Ortho [Burst Gear]
  • Ortho [Stargazer Gear]
  • Sebek [Labwear]
  • Sebek [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Jack [Beans Camo]
  • Ace [School Uniform]
  • Leona [Outdoor Wear]
  • Cater [PE Uniform]
  • Ruggie [PE Uniform]
  • Floyd [PE Uniform]
  • Kalim [PE Uniform]
  • Vil [School Uniform]
  • Ortho [Athletic Gear]

B – Tier

Rarity B Tier
  • Leona [Birthday Showcase]
  • Deuce [Dorm Uniform]
  • Deuce [Starsending Robes]
  • Jack [Birthday Showcase]
  • Jamil [Gala Couture]
  • Jack [Halloween]
  • Ace [Labwear]
  • Cater [Labwear]
  • Ruggie [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Gala Couture]
  • Azul [Labwear]
  • Floyd [Labwear]
  • Jamil [Labwear]
  • Jade [Apprentice Chef]
  • Rook [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Silver [Labwear]
  • Silver [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Lilia [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Riddle [School Uniform]
  • Deuce [School Uniform]
  • Deuce [PE Uniform]
  • Trey [School Uniform]
  • Trey [Starsending Robes]
  • Leona [PE Uniform]
  • Jack [School Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Gala Couture]
  • Ruggie [School Uniform]
  • Azul [School Uniform]
  • Azul [PE Uniform]
  • Cater [Beans Camo]
  • Kalim [School Uniform]
  • Jamil [School Uniform]
  • Silver [School Uniform]
  • Lilia [PE Uniform]
  • Epel [Halloween]

C – Tier

Rarity C Tier
  • Cater [Halloween]
  • Ortho [Birthday Showcase]
  • Floyd [Beans Camo]
  • Azul [Beans Camo]
  • Trey [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ace [Birthday Showcase]
  • Azul [Halloween]
  • Sebek [Outdoor Wear]
  • Idia [Starsending Robes]
  • Kalim [Apprentice Chef]
  • Riddle [Apprentice Chef]
  • Vil [Beans Camo]
  • Leona [Labwear]
  • Deuce [Labwear]
  • Jack [Labwear]
  • Jade [Beans Camo]
  • Floyd [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Vil [Labwear]
  • Lilia [Apprentice Chef]
  • Epel [Labwear]
  • Ortho [Precision Gear]
  • Riddle [PE Uniform]
  • Ace [PE Uniform]
  • Cater [School Uniform]
  • Trey [PE Uniform]
  • Leona [School Uniform]
  • Jack [PE Uniform]
  • Jade [School Uniform]
  • Jade [PE Uniform]
  • Jamil [PE Uniform]
  • Jamil [Beans Camo]
  • Epel [School Uniform]
  • Epel [Dorm Uniform]
  • Idia [PE Uniform]
  • Malleus [School Uniform]
  • Malleus [PE Uniform]
  • Silver [PE Uniform]
  • Sebek [School Uniform]
  • Lilia [School Uniform]
  • Kalim [Halloween]

How To Reroll In Disney Twisted Wonderland

Rerolling in Disney Twisted Wonderland is easy – you don’t need to reset your account or delete your data in any way, shape or form, all you have to do is complete the tutorial and make the free tenfold pull available. This gacha allows you to reroll indefinitely until you get an SSR card you want.

Which card to get from the tutorial?

The cards to watch out for are SSR Riddle (Riddle [dorm uniform]) or SSR Leona (Leona [dorm uniform]), as they are the best in this gacha. Later, you can use gems for more summons, but for now as long as you get any of the above cards, the pull is accepted.


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