Do Tarek and Christina still collaborate following their divorce?

Do Tarek and Christina still collaborate following their divorce?

In the popular HGTV series “Flip or Flop,” real estate investors Tarek and Christina (formerly Anstead) purchase, renovate, and resell Southern California residences. Fans have enjoyed the program since its 2013 premiere, but their professional relationship has been the subject of much speculation in recent years. We will learn if Tarek and Christina continue to collaborate on initiatives and what that could mean for the future of the show if they do not.

Do Tarek and Christina continue to collaborate?

Tarek and Christina of Flip or Flop have resolved to continue working together despite their divorce. Many feared that their HGTV program would be canceled after their breakup was made public. However, they have set their problems aside and are now putting on a great show for their fans. Christina and Tarek were committed to their work despite the difficulties they encountered.

After a harrowing incident that occurred in their home in May 2016, the couple filed for divorce in December. When Christina observed Tarek leaving the residence while armed, she promptly called the police. She feared for his life and was concerned he was contemplating suicide. However, Tarek assured everyone that he was in good health.

He claimed he carried the firearm along in case he encountered any dangerous wildlife. Since then and the filing of the divorce petition, the couple’s relationship has considerably improved.

Why do Tarek and Christina continue to collaborate following their divorce?

Despite their divorce, the pair decided to continue working together on the program, which surprised many viewers when the show was renewed for a seventh season. However, Tarek and Christina, a modern couple, concurred that this was the best course of action. In a 2018 interview with Today, Christina discussed their professional partnership following their divorce.

She admitted that there are instances when they want to “murder each other.” According to a showrunner, some of their battles were so significant that they were included in the season eight video. After the finalization of their divorce, both Tarek and Christina have acknowledged that the office dynamic has improved. According to him, the couple’s long history of this behavior renders it intrinsic to their identity.

Obviously, their efforts were in vain. They were aware that they were in an unusual situation that could be difficult at times, but they knew they had to complete the task. Tarek stated on an episode of The Dr. Drew Podcast, “One day you no longer live together and you split, and the next day you still have to put your pants on, put your shoes on, and go to work.”

“It was a difficult period, but as time passed, things became less complicated. However, we cannot squander time because we have responsibilities and families to care for.” Tarek was overjoyed and entirely supportive of Christina’s relationship with Ant Anstead when she began dating him. Christina shared Tarek’s attraction to Heather Rae Young as soon as he began courting her.


Despite rumors of discord, Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack are likely to continue working together on future episodes of “Flip or Flop.” They’ve managed to set their differences aside and continue working together professionally so they can continue bringing their global smash hit to audiences around the world.

Tarek and Christina will continue to thrill “Flip or Flop” viewers with their signature blend of real estate expertise and witty banter for the foreseeable future, although it is impossible to predict their future.

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