Dorian Zev Kweller’s cause of death, and Obituary

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Ben Kweller, an American singer and songwriter, recently announced the heartbreaking news of his 16-year-old son Dorian Zev Kweller’s passing. Dorian was the son of the famous musician and has been the subject of discussion on the internet since the announcement. 

Ben Kweller, known for his incredible talent and as a multi-instrumentalist, shared the sad news with his fans via an emotional post on his Instagram account.

Ben began his solo career at the age of 19 when he moved to New York with his girlfriend, who is now his wife, Liz Smith. He is widely recognized as a talented musician and has a long list of accomplishments in the American music world. 

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In 1993, he started his career, and he is proficient in playing guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, and drums. Ben formed a group with his friends named “Radish,” including bassist Ryan Green, and their first releases included Hello (1994) and Dizzy (1995). Despite his success, the devastating news of his son’s passing has left him and his family heartbroken.

What caused Ben Kweller’s son, Dorian Zev Kweller’s death?

The tragic news of the passing of Dorian Zev Kweller, the eldest son of American singer and songwriter Ben Kweller, was recently shared by Ben on Instagram. While not providing many details about the circumstances of his son’s death, Ben confirmed that Dorian passed away the night before the announcement, at the young age of 16 and the caused is reportedly by car accident

Ben’s emotional tribute to his son included a photo of Dorian and a lengthy message that praised his son’s talent and hard work in the music industry. Ben also shared Dorian’s Instagram page, where he regularly updated his followers on his latest songs and projects. Dorian was described as a true legend who will be deeply missed by his family and friends.

The Kweller family is currently grieving their loss, and while they may provide updates later, they have asked for privacy and for their son to be kept in people’s prayers. The passing of Dorian Zev Kweller is a heartbreaking reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment with our loved ones.

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