Dream Hacker Strong and Weak Signals

Dream Hacker Strong and Weak Signals are signals that indicate when you should take action in your dreams. Dream Hacker Strong signals are indicative of opportunities that you should pursue, while Dream Hacker Weak signals indicate potential dangers or problems that you should avoid. It is important to pay attention to these signals so that you can make the most of the opportunities that come your way in your dreams, and avoid potential danger or problems that could disrupt your dream experience.

Dream Hacker Strong and Weak Signals – Cracking Codes – Albina, Onigiri Yuki, Minako, Aya Furukawa, Ai Sekkura, Momo, Lin, Nanami, Ayamiya and more

If you don’t want to play the game and just want to watch the scenes. You may access the pirate section by first finding the dream and then clicking on the amarillo diablo in the lower right corner and entering the decryption code.

Dream Hacker Strong and Weak Signals – Strong Signals

These are all the Strong Signals, the ones with scenes

  • Albina – Wave 1 – 1677
    • Albina Cracking Code: 76a0b2240e4410d43fa62ccc61b969460aa94d9e
  • Onigiri Yuki – Wave 2 – 777
    • Onigri Yuki Cracking Code: d302f25df363fc78fbd29c809d5ea1dc201a01c2
  • Minako – Wave 3 – 850
    • Minako Cracking Code: 5032353cf098e9152f3c07560be1c6188c28e8c6
  • Aya Furukawa – Wave 3 – 1145
    • Aya Furukawa Cracking Code: 02276f43608b25794d5e70ee8318d89e63133f6a
  • Ai Sekkura – Wave 4 – 1225
    • Ai Sekkura Cracking Code: Haven’t beaten yet.

Dream Hacker Strong and Weak Signals – Weak Signals

Scene targets are not yet available. The game appears to imply that these will be filled out in subsequent releases. They are now meant to supply extra packets for completing other levels.

  • Momo – Wave 1 – 800
    • Momo Cracking Code: Weak Signal
  • Lin – Wave 2 – 633
    • Lin Cracking Code: Weak Signal
  • Nanami – Wave 3 – 525
    • Nanami Cracking Code: Weak Signal
  • Ayamiya – Wave 4 – 1111
    • Ayamiya Cracking Code: Weak Signal

About Dream Hacker

I, Naoto Miyaguchi, a single, straight, neet hacker in my late twenties, had invented an amazing machine, the Dream Machine. Although it looked worn out like an antique piece of junk in a junkyard, it could receive dream signals and process them to restore the details of the dream worlds, enabling me to observe the dreams of others! If that was all it could do, that wouldn’t be much use of it. The point was that by deciphering the dream key, it could create an interference signal that affected the dream world, allowing me to interact with the dream world and to actually enter it. I didn’t hesitate to go on this quest to find a beautiful girls’ dreams… A series of amorous adventures began there.​


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