Elite Raids Hoopa Unbound – How to get it

Elite Raids is a new game mode in the Pokémon GO app that allows players to team up with friends and compete against other teams for the chance to capture powerful Hoopa monsters. Hoopa Unbound is one of these creatures, and as such, is available only in Elite Raids mode.

Elite Raids Hoopa Unbound – How to get it. All information about Hoopa Unbound & Elite raids.

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Elite Raids Hoopa Unbound

We can get in special raids: Elite Raids: Hoopa Unbound, so pay attention to these tips that we are going to tell you to know how to get this extremely special Pokemon. Hoopa Unbound will appear in a new raid type, Elite Raids.

A raid egg appears that takes 24 hours to hatch. When the egg hatches, a raid boss will appear for 30 minutes. Elite Raids can only be done in person. You can’t participate using remote raid passes, so you’ll have to meet up with other Pokemon trainers and be at the stop where Hoopa all gather to defeat him.

Upon defeating Hoopa Unbound, he will appear and can be captured if you are lucky.

  • The first will start at 11:00, 14:00, or 17:00 on October 16.

Other Elite raids

Elite Raids will respawn every time one runs out and will refresh throughout the Season of Light with different Pokemon.

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