Festival of Lights Event – Morelull and Shiinotic

The Festival of Lights is an annual holiday event that takes place in many cities around the world. The event typically involves a series of public events and festivities, including concerts, fairs, light displays, and more. The purpose of the Festival of Lights is to celebrate the holidays and promote goodwill and joy among people of all cultures.

Festival of Lights Event – Morelull and Shiinotic

From October 14 at 10:00 a.m. to 17 at 8:00 p.m. The Festival of Lights is the perfect event to bond with those around you, including your Pokémon. Join us in celebrating the debut of Pokémon GO as you explore the world and discover shiny Pokémon like Morelul! Best of all, according to our research, some Pokémon will glow at night during the event, so be sure to look for them whenever you can! You can use 50 Morelull Candies to evolve a Morelull into Shiinotic.

Event Bonuses

  • You will have more chances to catch a varicolored/shiny Qinzhou!
  • x2 XP for catching a Pokemon
  • x2 Candy per catch
  • Incense: 2 hours

Morelull and Shiinotic debut.

Field Research

  • Ponyta Galar*
  • Electabuzz*
  • Magmar*
  • Chinchou*
  • Blitzle*
  • Dedenne
  • Morelull

Surprise encounters in snapshots.

Wild Spawn

  • Pikachu*
  • Vulpix*
  • Magnemite*
  • Chinchou*
  • Litwick
  • Little*
  • Helioptile
  • Dedenne
  • Morelull
  • Galarian pony*
  • Togedemaru

Symbol * > Possibility of Variocolor /Shiny

Incense Spawn

  • Geodude Alola*
  • Blitzle*
  • Darumaka*
  • Flitwick
  • Dedenne
  • Morelull
  • Ponyta Galar*
  • Darumaka Galar*

Timed research focused on captures. It has as a reward a Spark pose, for the avatar (gif image)

Festival of Lights – Morelull and Shiinotic – Raids:
1 Tier 1: Ponyta Galar*, Darumaka*, Dedenne, Morelull
3 Tier 3: Raichu Alola*, Weezing Galar*, Mawile*, Braviary Hisui*
5 Tier 5: Xerneas (available shiny).
Mega: Manetric.

The “*” symbol means that you can have a Shiny encounter with this Pokemon.

Source: Official Post

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