For Honor Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

For Honor is an upcoming action-packed melee combat game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game features a variety of modes, including a multiplayer mode in which players can compete against each other for supremacy, as well as a singleplayer campaign. To help players decide which characters are the best fit for their playstyle, Ubisoft has released a tier list that ranks the characters based on their overall strength and viability in the game. The tiers are as follows:

For Honor Tier List – Players, if you’re reading this page, you’re probably looking for the updated For Honor tier list. Am I right? guess what? That’s exactly what you’ll find below.

For Honor Tier List – Top Heroes

 For Honor Tier List – S-Tier

Here is the list of the best heroes of honor. Whether you’re new to the game or proficient, these warriors will give you an edge over less experienced opponents and help increase your team’s chances of winning.

Hero Type
Conqueror Heavy
Jiang Jun Heavy
Kyoshin Hybrid
Shinobi Assassin
Warlord Heavy
Warmonger Vanguard

For Honor Tier List  – A-Tier

For Honor’s A-tier heroes are powerful and effective. These heroes are good all-rounders, but may not be as specialized as S-tier characters, so you may need to spend a few extra hours with them to get good at them.

Hero Type
Berserker Assassin
Black Prior Heavy
Gladiator Assassin
Hitokiri Heavy
Kensei Vanguard
Nuxia Assassin
Shaolin Hybrid
Shugoki Vanguard


The heroes included in For Honor’s B-list don’t seem to be as powerful as the characters higher up on most people’s lists. But used correctly, these fighters can be very effective–and they offer a wide range of playstyles for more varied battles.

Hero Type
Gryphon Hybrid
Highlander Hybrid
Nobushi Hybrid
Pirate Hybrid
Raider Vanguard
Shaman Assassin
Zhanhu Hybrid


The heroes included in the For Honor C-tier roster are not outstanding, but workable in some cases. If you have a limited number of heroes, it’s worth experimenting with them to see if they fit your playstyle.

Hero Type
Centurion Hybrid
Orochi Assassin
Valkyrie Hybrid


For Honor D ranks contain heroes with limited utility and can only be used in specific situations. If you are a new player, avoid these characters until you have more experience with the game.

Hero Type
Jormungandr Heavy
Tiandi Vanguard
Warden Vanguard


Currently, these characters are among the weakest heroes in For Honor. We don’t really think they’re good at anything – they just don’t deserve to be preferred over higher ranked champions. So it’s best to avoid these if you can.

Hero Type
Aramusha Hybrid
Lawbringer Hybrid
Peacekeeper Assassin

What is For Honor?

For Honor is a third-person multiplayer video game developed by Ubisoft and released on February 14, 2017.

For Honor is set in the Middle Ages, where players control characters from three factions: knights, samurais, and Vikings.

The gameplay focuses on melee combat, and the player can choose from a variety of characters with unique characteristics.

You battle against opponents to gain territory and complete objectives. You can also fight AI bots if you don’t have time to wait for other players to join your match.

The game has a couple of different modes to play:

  • Tribute – Fight for control
  • Dominion – 4v4 fight to control zones
  • Duel – 1v1 (best of five)
  • Brawl – 2v2 (best of five)
  • Skirmish – 4v4 deathmatch against AI
  • Elimination – 4v4 (best of five)
  • Breach – 4v4 defense/attack mode (coming in next update)

For Honor also offers you the opportunity to customize your character and its appearance using the Rewards Shop and Tokens earned from your battles and campaign missions.


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