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Ypee launched into a bragging spree when celebrity blogger Zionfelix hosted him on the Uncut Show recently.

He said amongst other things that mainstream rappers like Edem and Sarkodie who have dominated the rap scene for years are not on his level and comparable to him.

The Kumasi-based rapper who is, in contrast, struggling to gain widespread recognition and mainstream attention claims that in terms of the rap game, he is far ahead of his peers.

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The rapper boasted that he is superior to both old-school and new-school rappers, regardless of what their followers may believe.

Ypee boasted that he will beat any rapper in Ghana if they are paired to compete against one another in a confident way. Although he isn’t one of the heavyweight rappers, according to Ypee, his work speaks volumes about his unrivalled ability in the music business.

Beyond that, Ypee who publicly stated last year that he is no longer friends with his colleague, Oseikrom Sikani, has taken another shot at him during an interview with Zionfelix.

To reinforce the volatile trajectory their friendship has taken, Ypee quickly went on the offensive when he had his chance during this fresh interview on the Uncut Shpw powered by Zionfelix, saying his former friend comes nowhere close to him when it comes to wealth.

Ypee boasted in the interview that he lives in his own 8-bedroom house, while Oseikrom Sikani continues to live in his father’s house.

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Concerning the source of their feud, Ypee claimed that after he purchased his car, Oseikrom Sikani secretly mocked him behind the scenes and boasted that his own car could buy twice as much as his.

Watch the full interview below;

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