Great American Meat Out Day 2023: Date, History, Facts

Great American Meat Out Day 2023: Date, History, Facts

The Great American Meatout Day, observed annually on March 20, aims to educate Americans and global citizens about the health and environmental benefits of obtaining food from sources other than farm animals. The holiday is heavily promoted and orchestrated by the Farm Animal Rights Movement, a pro-vegetarian organization that seeks to defend the rights of farm animals and preserve them from the age-old practice of using them as food. Typically, the holiday is accompanied by FARM campaigns reminding individuals to pursue alternative food sources.

The background of Great American Meat Out Day

Since 1985, the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) has supported The Great American Meatout Day as a pro-vegan holiday. This holiday seeks to educate the public about the environmental risks associated with the high demand for meat as a food source, especially since much of this meat comes from farm animals. Through public education and sensitivity, the Farm Animal Rights Movement promotes a vegetarian lifestyle and the defense of animal rights.

The FARM aims to create a society in which animals are liberated from all forms of human exploitation, including food. The organization’s mission is to prevent and protect as many animals as possible from being bred, mistreated, and killed for food, as this accounts for 98% of all animal cruelty and slaughter. FARM was founded in 1976 as the Vegetarian Information Service with the goal of disseminating information about the advantages of a vegetarian diet. Five years later, in 1981, it changed its name again, becoming the Farm Animal Reform Movement.

Great American Meatout was founded in 1985 as a protest against the proclamation of National Meat Week by a U.S. Senate resolution. It is now one of the largest annual grassroots diet education campaigns in the globe. The date of the holiday, March 20, is also the first day of spring, and thus represents a chance to begin a new chapter. Each year, hundreds of activists in the United States and 24 other countries observe the event. FARM encourages individuals to give up eating meat and use the first day of spring to embark on a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

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Veganism is one of the healthiest lifestyle choices one can make.

By consuming more plant-based foods, we protect the environment and maintain ecological balance.

Donald Watson coined the term “vegan” in 1944, after establishing the Vegan Society.

It has been suggested that consuming plant-based nutrients increases the body’s metabolic rate.

Every year you remain vegan, you save the lives of thirty animals.

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Year Date Day
2023 March 20 Monday
2024 March 20 Wednesday
2025 March 20 Thursday
2026 March 20 Friday
2027 March 20 Saturday

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