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Sally Rugg is a Melbourne-based LGBTIQ activist, feminist and political staffer. Rugg was the GetUp creative and campaigns director between 2013 – 2018.

Sally Rugg biography

Rugg offered to help underprivileged youth during her formative years. Then, while pursuing her master’s in the arts, she began working for the organization GetUp.

She claims that her opinions have been influenced by events she witnessed in the ACT when same-sex marriage was made legal for six days. Rugg self-identifies as gay. She lives in Melbourne and is engaged to comedian Kate McCartney.

What happened to Sally Rugg?

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Political consultant Sally Rugg’s request to continue working for teal MP Monique Ryan while their employment conflict is resolved in court was denied by a Federal Court judge. Ms. Rugg’s bid was rejected by Justice Debra Mortimer this morning, and she stated that the matter may now proceed to trial at a later time.

In her judgement, Justice Mortimer said “there is no real working relationship left between Ms Rugg and Dr Ryan, and it is unlikely to be restored during the trial process”.

“I am far from persuaded Ms Rugg really wants to go back to work supporting and assisting Dr Ryan,” she said.

“I do not consider the situation is likely to be tolerable, let alone productive and workable, for either of them.”

The decision ends a dispute over Ms Rugg’s employment status, which has seen the parties come to the Federal Court four times in five weeks.

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Lawyers for Ms. Rugg, Dr. Ryan, and the Commonwealth—officially the supervisor of federal political staffers—attempted mediation for a month, but it was unsuccessful. Ms. Rugg applied for assistance at the Federal Court to delay the end of January termination of her $160,000-per-year position.

Sally Rugg age

She is 34 years old. She was born on 2 October 1988.

Where does Sally Rugg come from?

She comes from Australia.

Sally Rugg net worth

Sally Rugg’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million.

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