How to catch Zorua in Pokemon Go

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How to catch Zorua in Pokemon Go. How to catch Zorua? Here we tell you how to do it, enter, and find out.

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How to catch Zorua in Pokemon Go

Have you only been able to catch a Zorua in Pokemon Go? It is because your partner in Pokemon Go will be automatically cloned when you access the game (whatever you have) and after that, it will no longer be cloned so you can get another Zorua.

Catching a Zorua is as simple as walking and searching since Zorua comes out in the wild, but, it is important that you know that Zorua has the same mechanics as Ditto, a Pokemon that is NOT Zorua will appear and once you capture it, it will transform, we advise you to look for it with Pokemon Go friends, this Pokemon is easy to find in parks. So, good luck!

About Zorua

Zorua is a Dark-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 5. It is a high-level pokemon and is based on a small fox, grayish-black in color and has tufts of fur on its limbs and head. It has a ring of fur around its neck that is slightly darker than the rest of its body. His eyes are light blue with a playful expression. Zorua transforms into a human or another Pokémon to wreak havoc. Apparently, it was his fearful nature that allowed him to develop the ability to transform. He often disguised himself as a boy and headed into town in search of food. The boy seems unable to speak because he is actually a Zorua in disguise. During the fight, Zorua used the enemy’s appearance to deceive him and used his confusion to escape.

The Zorus usually live near their Zoroark evolution (since he is very protective); so he will take care of him during the first months of his life until he can live on his own. Zoroark will use its powers of it to attract a responsible trainer to other Pokemon Zorua to capture, train and breed it. It is a sinister type, some Pokemon experts think that is why it has a gray-black color with some reddish undertones.

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