How to Change Controls in Roblox?

Changing controls in Roblox is a process that allows you to customize the functionality of your character or game environment in order to make it more comfortable and user-friendly. To change controls in Roblox, first locate the “Input” menu option on the main screen, and then select “Controls.” From here, you can customize your controls to match your preferences and needs. If you need assistance configuring controls or changing them for a specific game or character, please contact support.

How to Change Controls in Roblox – Can you change them? What can you change and what do we recommend you change?

How to Change Controls in Roblox – Can you change controls?

The short answer is NO

The long answer is: Yes, but only in some games, which don’t use the standard Roblox controls, they allow you to change them, usually by accessing the controls menu and double-clicking the mouse on the key you want to change. But normally the games use the standard Roblox controls, you can consult them by accessing any game, pressing “Esc” and clicking on the Help tab.

You will see that some actions can be performed with more than one key, for example you can move with both WASD and the arrow keys. But we recommend that you get used to playing with WASD, since all other actions are usually on nearby keys

If you’re a Roblox fan, and you play more than one game, we recommend getting used to the default controls. Since there are few games that allow you to customize the controls

It is possible that in a few months Roblox will update and let you customize or change the controls, because the truth is that it is surprising that this possibility does not exist today, as it happens in most PC games. If this happens, we will update this guide and explain how to change the controls

What can you Change?

What you can change in any Roblox game is everything that appears in the Settings menu (Esc > Settings): Swift Lock Switch, Camera Mode, Movement Mode, Experience Language, Camera Sensitivity, Volume, Fullscreen, Graphics Mode, Performance Stats, micro Profiler, Camera Inverted, and Video Camera.

Although the truth is that apart from obvious issues such as language, Volume or Fullscreen, we only recommend adjusting the Camera Sensitivity, especially if you are going to play a shooter. For everything else we recommend using the options that come by default

By the way, since we are reviewing everything under the menu you access by pressing the “Esc” key, you may not have reviewed the last tab. From there it gives you the option to take screenshots and record videos

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