How to get Black Leg in Pixel Piece

There is no surefire way to get Black Leg in Pixel Piece, but typically players will try to kill the Queen Spider or the Giant Spider as soon as possible. Once these two spiders are killed, the Black Leg will start spawning more frequently.

One of the fighting styles that you can learn is hidden on an island that surely has not caught your attention, there is not much else apart from the trainer that will teach you

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How to get Black Leg in Pixel Piece – Location

Complete the Black Leg Trainer Quest – Travel to Baratie, find Sandro (the Black Leg Trainer), and tell him: “Can you show me your ways?”. Although you may be interested in first consulting the requirements to reach the island and complete the mission:

  • Have 4,7k Gold
  • No level required

Getting black leg is very simple because on the island there are hardly any enemies or level requirements. The most difficult thing, and it is not difficult, is to find the trainer, who is by the green building, where the golden arches

Black Leg Skills

These are all the skills that you will get with your new fighting style:

  • Z Skill: Coiller – used to trip/kick the enemy down, giving them a short stun.
  • Skill E: Desukikku – The user flips into the air and comes back down to give the ground a devastating slam.
  • X Skill: Party Table Kicks – The user flips onto their hands and lets out a barrage of table-shaped kicks.
  • C Skill: Parage Shoot – The user jumps into the air and lets out a barrage of kicks down on the enemy
  • V Skill: Casser – User flips into the air and crashes the ground [depends on where your cursor is]

How to get Black Leg in Pixel Piece – Video Guide

Completing this quest shouldn’t take long, the hardest part is getting to level 70 and unlocking Syrup Village. But in case you are missing something, or you can’t find anything, we leave you this TulipLovin video tutorial, in which you can check all the steps and locations:

We hope this guide has been useful to you and you have already managed to unlock this Fighting style, be sure to consult our guides


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