How to get Shark V4 in Blox Fruits

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide specific instructions on how to get Shark V4 in Blox Fruits. However, you can check the Shark V4 website or contact the company’s customer service center for more information.

How to get Shark V4 in Blox Fruits – Temple of Time puzzle, Trial of Water, Mirror Fractal, Mirage Island, King Red Head…

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How to get Shark V4 in Blox Fruits – V4

If you have Shark V3 you will need 2 more steps to get Shark V4, Complete the Temple of Time puzzle, then do the Trial of Water.

Complete the Temple of Time puzzle

  1. To unlock The Temple of Time you have to talk to the invisible NPC named Mysterious Force, it is on the top of Great Tree added in Update 17.3
  2. Pull the Lever: Go through the Temple of time until you see the Mysterious Force, but don’t interact with it, turn and go to the left hallway
    1. Requirements to pull the lever: If you have at least one mirror fractal in your inventory and are on a mirage island with a full moon, climb to the top of the highest mountain on the island, and look up at the moon while your race skill is active, the moon will shine and an event will trigger stating, “Your mirror fractal has resonated with the moon.” The next step is to locate the equipment that will shine blue. You can now pull the lever after interacting with it.
  3. After pulling the lever cross the secret door, access the door of the race you want to awaken, and complete the trial: Trial of Water

How to get:

  • Mirror Fractal: Drop from the Dough King raid boss.
  • Mirage Island: The player must be in a boat and sailing away from other islands in order for a Mirage Island to spawn; otherwise, there won’t be enough room for it to do so. A mirage island will disappear after 15 minutes OR if no other players are there. It is now the rarest marine event to occur and can only be found in the Third Sea.
  • King Red Head: in the prisoners cell along with the Gladiators, under the Colosseum (Second Sea)

Complete the Trial of Water

The player will be placed in a room with a boss mob when they enter the Shark trial door in the Temple of Time. The player needs to finish off the boss in under a minute in order to pass the trial.

How to get Shark V4 in Blox Fruits – Shark V2 & V3

In case you still don’t have Shark V2 and Shark V3

Shark V2

Completing the Alchemist’s Quest. To take this quest, the player has to have completed the Colosseum Quest.

Shark V3

Completing arow’s Quest, which varies depending on the race. Shark’s V3 quest is:

  • Defeat a naturally spawned Sea Beast.

How to get Shark V4 in Blox Fruits – Video Guide

Finally, we leave you the GaminGMobilE YT video Tutorial with all the steps in a gameplay


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