How to Obtain and Utilize Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon GO

Golden Lure modules are items that players can use to attract specific kinds of Pokémon to their location. They can be obtained by trading with other players, or by purchasing them from the in-game store.

Golden Lure modules work differently than other items in the game, as they are not used to train or battle Pokémon. Instead, they are used to lure specific kinds of Pokémon to a player’s location. This can be useful for catching rare or hard-to-find Pokémon, or for attracting Pokémon that are not usually found near a player’s home or in the player’s vicinity.

To use a Golden Lure module, players must first identify the type of Pokémon they want to attract. Once they have identified the desired Pokémon, they must place the module in the vicinity of where they wish the Pokémon to appear. The module will then start emitting a special scent that will lure the Pokémon closer to the player’s location. Once the desired Pokémon is close enough, it can be captured using standard capture methods.

How to Obtain and Utilize Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon GO. Learn how to score these elusive items, activate them, and earn Gimmighoul coins with every spin. Follow our guide to connect your Pokemon GO account with Scarlet & Violet and start sending postcards today. Don’t miss out on this must-have item for your Pokedex!

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How to Obtain and Utilize Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon GO

Golden Lure modules have recently become available in Pokemon GO, and many players are eager to obtain them. These modules are required if you intend to add the Roaming Form Gimmighoul from the Paldea region to your Pokedex. Fortunately, the process of acquiring them is fairly straightforward. Here’s how to obtain and use Golden Lures in the game.

Acquiring Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon GO

To obtain a Golden Lure module, you need to send five postcards to your Pokemon Scarlet or Violet games. This will become possible after you pair your Pokemon GO with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. For every five postcards you send, you will automatically receive one Golden Lure in Pokemon GO. However, you can only send one postcard per day, so this process may take some time. Sending postcards daily without fail will expedite things, as you will receive one golden lure every fifth day.

Utilizing Golden Lure Modules

Golden Lure Modules function similarly to other lure modules in the game.

  1. Simply approach a Pokestop or any Pokestop you choose
  2. Look above the main disk to find the white slot for the lure modules.
  3. Swap it out for the Golden Lure Module, activate it, and it will take effect for 30 minutes.
  4. The primary benefit of this module is to acquire Gimmighoul coins.
  5. Each time you spin the Pokestop, you have a chance to obtain between 5 and 25 coins.

Linking Pokemon GO with Scarlet & Violet

To link your Pokemon GO and Scarlet & Violet games, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that both games are running on your phone and Nintendo Switch, respectively.
  2. Open Pokemon GO and go to Settings.
  3. Navigate to Connected Devices and Services and select Nintendo Switch.
  4. Choose Connect to Nintendo Switch.
  5. Next, open Pokemon Scarlet or Violet on your Nintendo Switch and select the Poke portal.
  6. Select Mystery gift and then Connect to Pokemon GO.
  7. Pair with a Pokemon GO account and accept the request you sent from your phone.
  8. This will link your games, and you will be able to begin sending postcards daily.


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