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Ghanaian YouTuber, Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, popularly known as Wode Maya has revealed that he did not shower for the entire period that he lost absolute control of his YouTube channel.

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The pan-African Vlogger has spoken for the first time since his channel was hacked, Thursday, February 23.

In a new vlog addressing the incident, he disclosed that he had to switch off his phone because it blowing up. He also refused to shower for 48hrs trying to get his channel back.

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‘‘When my channel got hacked, my phone blew up to the extent that I had to switch it off, my phone has actually been off for 48 hours and I have not showered for three days because it was just back and forth, trying to get this channel back,’’ he said.

However, Wode Maya believes that his channel means a lot to people because of the love he received when he lost his account.

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‘‘This channel means a lot to so many people that I didn’t even know, I saw people tagging YouTube, everywhere and I was like I have to do all I can to get this channel back, I have called so many people that their channel have been hacked before telling me that it takes months, weeks, and this is 48 hours to get this channel back so you have to know that a lot has been done to get this channel back,’’ he stated.

Wode Maya is one of the most influential Ghanaian YouTubers. The 32-year-old’s YouTube vlogs promotes the African Continent and have made such a huge impact in people’s lives.

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