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Female songstress MzVee has disclosed she has an eye problem and finds it difficult to see the audience whenever she is performing on stage.

During an interview on Joy Prime TV disclosed that she only started wearing glasses at the age of eight after her teachers alerted her parents about her constant eye strain.

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Speaking about her eye condition, Mzvee disclosed that she finds it difficult to see well whenever she is performing on stage, and often has to strain her eyes to catch a glimpse of her audience.

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“I don’t see when I am performing unless I take a really good look and stare, but not really,” she said.

Although the condition of Mzvee is alarming, she disclosed that it has helped her in a way because when she is on stage and doesn’t see the crowd due to her partial blindness, it calms her nerves and makes her perform without any form of tension.

“I don’t see when I am performing unless I take a really good look and stare, but not really. It helped me when I started music and I was very nervous about the crowd because, when I got on stage, I will not see anybody,” she added.

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However, the “Come and See My Moda” hitmaker also revealed that her condition has caused her a few embarrassing moments, such as tripping on staircases.

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“I have tripped a few times when climbing the staircases,” she revealed.

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