“I Don’t Want To Date You”

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Adult movie actor King Nazir has made it clear that he has no interest in being in a relationship with Ghanaian actress cum entrepreneur, Shugatiti. 

The two social media influencers went viral after King Nazir opted to satisfy Shugatiti after her public expression of no man making her reach orgasm.

But in the latest tweet by Shugatiti, she craved the thoughts of her fans in picking between King Nazir and Gambo.

Responding to this tweet, King Nazir has stated his record straight that, he’s not looking to date later but rather he wants to prove he’s capable of making her reach orgasm.

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“There’s nothing to settle, he can have you…

I don’t wanna date you.

The only reason I’m entertaining this is to prove I can make you orgasm since you publicly claimed you’ve never had one in your entire life.”

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