I help people with my own pocket money, I don’t solicit for funds

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UK-based Ghanaian international singer and performer, Stephanie Benson has debunked reports of having a foundation, through which she supports cancer patients and the needy.

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According to Stpehanie Benson, she does not have an official foundation through which she receives funds to support causes dear to her heart, however, she is able to raise funds to help when she can by organizing shows, and donating the proceeds to those in need.

The mother of five made this clarification in an interview on Ameyaw TV.

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‘‘I don’t really have a foundation, I help people out of my own money, I don’t raise money, asking people to give me money, it is usually when I do a show that’s why I did a show, because I have an amount of money I spend on women who need cancer treatment,’’ she stated.

Stephanie further stated that sometimes when she runs out of money from her own pocket, she uses her singing talent to draw people who would pay and come watch her, then she uses the income to help others.

‘‘And when my quota finishes, my account will not give me any money, so then I’m thinking, what other ways and singing is what I do best so whatever it is that people will pay would go towards helping somebody else.

The internationally-acclaimed singer reveals helping people out of her own pocket is something she loves;

‘‘I love it. If I could pack in 5 shows in one week, I’d have done it and helped more people but that is what I love to do for me,’’ she told Zeinat.

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