I will delete all your songs- Fans react after seeing Wizkid having a jama session at a funeral in Ghana while election was onging in Nigeria

Fans of Nigerian singer Wizkid were upset after they noticed that the singer had recently deleted all of his songs from various streaming platforms. Many speculated that this was a deliberate move on Wizkid’s part, as it is usually customary for music stars to allow their fans to stream and download their songs for free. Some fans even began posting angry messages on social media, accusing Wizkid of being unprofessional and greedy. While it is unclear why Wizkid deleted all his songs, it is safe to say that his fans are not pleased with the decision.

Fans of Wzikid did not hesitate to blast him for being unpatriotic after he was seen in Ghana while the election was ongoing in Nigeria, an indication that he never voted.

Apparently, the Nigerian superstar was invited by award-winning Ghanaian producer Killbeatz to grace his mom’s one week celebration which took place on Saturday, the same day Nigerians went to the polls to elect a new president.

Apparently, Killbeatz lost his mother on February 17, 2023 hence one week memorial service was held at Tema, Site 15 in her honour.

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The solemn event which saw in attendance King Promise, R2bess (made of Mugeez and Omar Sterling) and other Ghanaian celebs.

In a series of videos shared online by Ghanaian blogger Ronnie is Everywhere, Wizkid is seen taking part in a jama session- a local rhythm that originated from the Ga ethnic group of Ghana.

He tried his hands on some instrument (the gong gong) as he commiserated with his Ghanaian friend over the death of his beloved mom.

However, his fans back home did not like what they saw and they swiftly stormed social media to rant about Wizzy not being a loyalist.


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