Kaneshiro Codes in Persona 5 Royal

Kaneshiro Codes are passwords that can be used to unlock various features in Persona 5 Royal, an exclusive content update for the game released in Japan on February 14th. By inputting a Kaneshiro Code, players can access an exclusive “Palace” where they can take on challenges related to the game’s various social links, such as recruiting new members to their team or increasing their friendship rating with other characters. Players who complete all the challenges in the Palace will unlock a special outfit for use in later stages of the game.

Kaneshiro Codes in Persona 5 Royal – We show you how to get the codes for the ATM panels, and we give you the solutions in case you are too lazy to look for them

Kaneshiro Codes in Persona 5 Royal – All the Codes

Since you got here, we assume that you are directly looking for the Codes, although there are obviously spoilers. If what you are looking for is how to solve them on your own, go to the next section, we do not think they will bother you at all, they are not easy to memorize:

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  • 1st ATM Panel code – RICH = 0102
  • 2nd ATM Panel code – REAP = 0931
  • 3rd ATM Panel code – HUGE = 2319
  • 4th ATM Panel code – GOLD = 1841

In case you are interested, here is how to get the codes on your own:

How to decode the Kaneshiro Palace Codes

  1. Find the Journal: The first thing you have to do is get the Journal, but don’t worry, it is automatically achieved by progressing through Kaneshiro Palace
    • Note the Code inside: R = C = 0, I = 1, H = 2
  2. Find the Torn Pages: You will find them inside the golden piggy bank statues (around the palace). Once you find them, note the codes:
    • 1st Page: P = 1
    • 2nd Page: E = 9, A = 3
    • 3rd Page: U = A
    • 4th Page: G = P
    • 5th Page: O + H = 10
    • 6th Page: L = U + G, D = G
  3. Decode the panels: You already have all the information, to decode the codes of the panels, we explain as an example how to decode the second one (REAP = 0931)
    1. R = 0 (journal)
    2. E = 9 (Page 2)
    3. A = 3 (Page 2
    4. P = 1 (Page 1)

Video Guide

In case you are missing something to find, there is something you do not understand, or you are stuck, we leave you this Harry Type C video guide, where the YouTuber gets all the information and all the bank codes

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