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Marriage counselor, Charlotte Oduro has said that mature men do not look out for buttocks and breasts when settling down.

In a recent interview with Abeiku Santana, the marriage counselor stated that mature men have a vision and know where they are headed in life.

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“Any mature man who knows where he is heading in life and understands his vision, not the one looking for buttocks and breasts, is beyond that,” she said.

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According to Charlotte Oduro, any man who is solely focused on physical attributes, such as buttocks and breasts, is not mature.

“I want the point to be clear: if God blesses you with buttocks and breasts as a man, then, Hallelujah. But then, looking for a partner to build a life with is not about buttocks and breasts.

“That’s why women’s priorities today are to have breasts and buttocks; that’s your decision,” she told Abeiku.

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She stated that physical attributes like buttocks and breasts are not a negative thing but anyone who focuses on these physical attributes is not mature.

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“But let me tell you the truth, if you want to enhance your breasts and buttocks, even after a hundred years, the truth is the truth. What isn’t natural, are the effects that come with it,” she added.


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