Mermaid City Walkthrough

Mermaid City Walkthrough

The Mermaid City Walkthrough provides a step-by-step guide that will help you through each of the game’s levels. The guide includes detailed explanations of how to complete each stage, as well as tips for strategy and tips for avoiding enemy attacks. If you find yourself stuck on a particular level or struggling to advance, using the walkthrough may be the best solution for you. By following the guide, you can avoid any frustration and eventually achieve success in Mermaid City.

Welcome to the Mermaid City Walkthrough, complete the game with our help in less than 10 minutes

Mermaid City Walkthrough – 10 Steps

Complete Mermaid City in 10 steps:

1- Air conditioner controller: Click on the air conditioner controller, change it to full heat mode and also turn the power on.

2- Phone: use the phone to call Donna

3- Hot Dog: pick up the hot dog from the counter.

4- Souvenir Shop: go outside and head to the souvenir shop, talk to the shopkeeper and also give him the hot dog, he will offer you one item for free, then take the bucket

5- Lamp post ad: click on the ad that is taped to the lamp post on the right.

6- Magnifying glass: click on the trash can on your left and take the magnifying glass.

7- Gas Pump: head to the gas station and use the bucket on the gas pump.
8- Super pocket knife: go inside the shop. buy one Super pocket knife 2000, then enter the restroom and use your pocket knife on the rope.

9- Rope + Bucket: go back to the hot dog stand, go inside and call Mark, then use the rope on the bucket. Then use the bucket on the loose nail on Buster’s stand, use the fuel soaked rope on the bucket and also use the magnifying glass on the rope.

10 – Miss MotherGoodHeart: go back inside your stand and call miss MotherGoodHeart.

Video Guide

If you have any doubt with any of the steps, follow this video walkthrough from the youtuber MouseCityGames:

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