Moonbreaker Best Captains to Play [Tier List]

Moonbreaker Best Captains to Play is an online leaderboard that challenges players to compete against one another in challenges designed to test their skills as captains. The objectives of the challenges vary, but often involve managing a team of characters and completing challenging tasks in order to earn points or rankings.

The objective of the Moonbreaker Best Captains to Play leaderboard is not simply to rank participants according to their individual score on the challenges – but rather to see who can best adapt andexecute strategies in order to win. This means that even if you are not currently winning challenges, your overall performance on the leaderboard may be important in determining your standing and ranking over time.


About Moonbreaker captains

In Moonbreaker, you can create your own crew list, which includes a captain and some units under the captain. The captain is your main unit, and if you lose the captain, you lose the game. For this reason, the captain’s choice is important as it is a central unit and should be coordinated with your own units and the tactics you are targeting.

Here are the 3 captains you can get in the game. Don’t worry, there will be more in the future!!

Moonbreaker Best Captains to Play – All Captains Ranked

Tier Assist
S Astra
A Extilior
B Zax Ja’ka

Moonbreaker Best Captains to Play – Description of each Captain


Due to her excellent skills, Astra has earned the position of best captain in Moonbreaker. It can lower your unit cost, possibly down to 0, and let you play for free. Second, it can de-stun units when summoned, allowing them to move and attack during the turn. Her damage output is the lowest of the three captains, but her skills more than make up for it.


Extilior is a unit powerhouse, but has issues with slow movement and easy escape from other units. Pairing Exilior with mobile units and support abilities is critical to making Extilior viable. On top of that, he’s capable of insane damage when approached, and his abilities provide great support and defense to units around you.

Zax Ja’ka

Zax Ja’Ka is an interesting character, but requires more work and preparation than other captains. His abilities revolve more around controlling the battlefield than attacking your opponent directly. His mines need to be armed and have low health, which means they are easy to avoid or destroy. Zax Ja’ka can be very effective when dealing big damage, but the premise of doing so is not as effective as playing any other captain.

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