Moonbreaker Tier List [Best Assists Ranked]

The Moonbreaker Tier List is a ranking of the best assists in League of Legends. The list is updated regularly to reflect the latest changes and developments in the game, and it is designed to help players determine which assists are most important for them to focus on when playing League of Legends. The Moonbreaker Tier List is divided into five tiers, with the top tier consisting of the best assists in the game and the bottom tier consisting of the worst assists.

About Moonbreaker

Moonbreaker is a turn-based strategic board game simulation developed by Unknown Worlds, the team responsible for the Subnautica series. Designed as an authentically digital miniatures experience and set in an expansive retro sci-fi universe created by best-selling science fiction and fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, Moonbreaker provides a variety of gameplay experiences for all types of players.

Moonbreaker requires two players who each use a captain and ten units. The game features a tabletop and digital environment; it’s also a mix of strategy and genres. The focus of Moonbreaker is strategic skirmishes between players using randomized Assists. This makes some people wonder what the best Assists are in the game.

All Assists Ranked

Tier Assist
S Cinder Infusion, Orbital Strike, Plink, Stimburst, Stowaway
A Corrosive Particles, Lifeline, Stasis Field
B Disrupter Beam, Escape Hatch, Medical Recall, Vortex Beam
C Ion Storm, Charged Nanoshield

Best Assists Characters

We recommend looking for these assists when making choices at the start of the game. While these are usually the best assists, keep your captains, units and playstyle in mind when choosing one, as some assists are not universal but can be powerful with the right settings. Here are our picks for the best Moonbreaker assists.

Moonbreaker Tier List  – Cinder Infusion

Cinder Infusion is a great Assist that gives your captain two Cinder for free and heals him by 1 health. The healing is great, but it’s the extra Cinder this Assist provides that makes it shine. Cinder has a three-turn cooldown. This ensures that you have two free Cinders every 3 turns. This allows you to make large plays by summoning new units, reinforcing or using Cinder to its fullest.

Moonbreaker Tier List  – Orbital Strike

Orbits Strike is the best offensive Assist because it can deal three damage to each targeted unit; its high cooldown of 4 makes it a high-ranked choice. This card is deadly when paired with Vortex Beam or Zax Ja’ka’s ability to pull units together. We recommend using this card as a surprise attack when your opponent groups their units too closely.

Moonbreaker Tier List  – Plink

Plink seems a bit overwhelming at first, but if you look at one’s cooldown, you’re basically able to deal damage to an enemy unit once per turn, or heal a unit of your own. This is great for taking out enemies or giving one of them the health they need. The fact that Plink can be used easily on any round makes it one of the best assists.

Moonbreaker Tier List  – Stimburst

While Stimburst is a versatile Assist, it’s a godsend for units that are slow to move or attack. This increases the speed at which units in the area affected by Stimburst move; this lets melee units get closer and into the action. It’s a useful tactic when playing against an opponent who fires ranged weapons. Using this tactic can provide your army with advantageous cover and a timely power play.

Moonbreaker Tier List  – Stowaway

Since boosting Cinder takes valuable resources, it’s very helpful to use Stowaway to get a free boost every two turns. This allows you to keep your playable unit pool fresh while also saving Cinder costs. This is especially useful when combined with Astra to reduce the cost of units on the bridge or with escape aids.

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