My Hero Mania Map

My Hero Mania Map is a map of the world that displays the popularity of superheroes across different countries. It allows users to see which superheroes are most popular in which regions, and how their popularity is changing over time. The My Hero Mania Map was created as part of a marketing campaign for the film My Hero Academia and is available for free online.

My Hero Mania Map – High-resolution map with all current missions, NPCs, and shops Discover where everything is and what you can do in each place

It is not that the My Hero Mania map is very big, but there are enough NPCs and places that you are interested in knowing where they are and what they offer you. So we leave you the map in high resolution so you know where to go at all times

My Hero Mania Map – Full Map

High resolution map with all current missions, NPCs and shops, click to enlarge


We will update this map if it changes or adds new things in future updates, so be sure to visit us


A brief explanation of what you will find in each of the locations marked on the map:

  • Shield: Heroes Spawn
  • Dagger: Villains Spawn
  • Shopping Cart: Weapon / Accessory Shop
    • Weapon: These are used to boost your stats, make sure you have them equipped
    • Accessory: These are used to boost your stats, make sure you have them equipped
  • Fist: Forest (in front of the UA) – Train with others on the training forest to improve your skills!
  • Respin: Hospital – Talk to the Doctor at the hospital to change quirk
  • Dumbbell: Gym – You know what to do… Show off your muscles!! An afk place, basically
  • Blue Question Mark: Hero Mission
  • Red Question Mark: Villain Mission
  • Yellow Question Mark: Civilian/Neutral Mission

Hospital Spin Chances

In case you are interested, these are the spin chances depending on the rarity of the Spin

Common Spin Chances:

  • Legendary: 1%
  • Epic: 10%
  • Rare: 34%
  • Common: 55%

+1 Common Spin costs $4,000 or 20 Robux
+10 Common Spins costs $40,000 or 189 Robux

Rare Spin Chances:

  • Legendary: 0%
  • Epic: 0%
  • Rare: 100%
  • Common: 0%

+1 Rare Spin costs $15,000 or 99 Robux

Epic Spin Chances:

  • Legendary: 0%
  • Epic: 100%
  • Rare: 0%
  • Common: 0%

+1 Epic Spin costs $500,000 or 699 Robux

Legendary Spin Chances:

  • Legendary: 100%
  • Epic: 0%
  • Rare: 0%
  • Common: 0%

+1 Legendary Spin costs $1,000,000 or 999 Robux


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