National Automatic Door Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Automatic Door Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Automatic Door Day is annually observed on March 19. It is only appropriate that we celebrate the mighty automatic door on this day, as doors are the (safe and entertaining) entrance to a variety of locations. As the name suggests, this day honors the automated doorways that protect the entrances to hospitals, buildings, and shopping malls, among other locations. Another objective of this event is to bring together manufacturers and others in the automatic door industry.

The background of National Automatic Door Day

In addition to the Olympic Games, the Ancient Greeks also gave the world automatic entrances. At least, this is the opinion of historians. In the first century A.D., the Greek mathematician and engineer Heron of Alexandria allegedly described an automatic door-like mechanism that was used to open temple gateways. According to descriptions in Heron’s books titled “Pneumatica,” the mechanism used fire heat to generate pressure in brass vessels. This pressure forced water from one container into an adjacent one, while simultaneously pulling on attached ropes and pulleys to open the temple doors, just in time for prayers, to which this contraption was affixed. Apparently, Heron utilized this mechanism to unlock city entrances.

According to the 1986 book, “Science and Civilization in China,” written by historian Joseph Needham, Emperor Yang of Sui installed a foot sensor-activated automatic door in the imperial library in the 17th century.

Only in the twentieth century did the world receive its first automatic entrances. American engineers Horace Raymond and Sheldon Roby devised an automatic door in 1931, laying the groundwork for this invention. This device was subsequently installed in Wilcox’s Pier Restaurant in Connecticut, United States, and would open for waiters bearing food plates.

Still, the world recognizes Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt, two American engineers, as the minds behind today’s automatic doors. Their 1954 invention utilized sensors concealed within floor coverings to ‘tell’ doors when someone was about to enter, and voilà! The entrance would automatically open. By 1960, these doors had penetrated the commercial market and subsequently grew increasingly prevalent. Large institutions, hotels, and other public structures began installing automatic doors.

The subsequent decades were characterized by innovation; motion sensors were invented, low-energy doors appeared, access doors began to account for disabled access, and automatic doors went global. Nowadays, automatic doors are ubiquitous, opening and closing to safely admit or dismiss individuals from various buildings.

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Research automatic doorways

There is a wealth of interesting information about the automatic door, from its conception in Ancient Greece to the present day. Consult books or online resources for additional information about this remarkable invention.

Catalogue automatic entrances near you

When was the last time you paid attention to the automatic door you passed through? Do you recall how many commercial buildings have this feature near you? Remember these doors for a moment, and perhaps take note of how they operate the next time you pass through one.

Share the news

Now that you have a list of nearby locations with automatic doors, why not spend some time persuading those without automatic doors to install these devices? You can research online the best way to complete this task, and you can also ask community leaders for assistance.

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A survey conducted by “ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems” in 2020 revealed that 68% of Americans prefer to visit establishments with automatic entrances.

Sliding doors, swinging doors, and folding doors are the most prevalent varieties of automatic doors.

In the United States, automated doors reportedly perform approximately 50 billion secure (and automatic) openings and closings annually, exhibiting a very strong safety performance.

This enormous door, located in Mexico, wraps completely around a home.

Studies demonstrate that since they limit the amount of time doors remain open, they help buildings maintain their temperature and reduce energy costs.


Year Date Day
2023 March 19 Sunday
2024 March 19 Tuesday
2025 March 19 Wednesday
2026 March 19 Thursday
2027 March 19 Friday

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