NORN9 Var Commons Natsuhiko Walkthrough 2023

NORN9 Var Commons Natsuhiko Walkthrough – Complete Natsuhiko’s route and unlock the Happy Ending and Tragic Love Ending


NORN9 Var Commons Natsuhiko Walkthrough – Happy Ending

The Happy ending is the best or good ending, just follow these steps to unlock it

  • Prologue:
    • Look for a room with Mikoto
    • A hiyoko
    • Chase after them
  • Heroine: Mikoto
  • 1st Chapter
    • No Choices
    • Choose Investigate Alone
  • 2nd Chapter
  • 3rd Chapter
    • Watch (Hiyoko Channel 7)
    • Take the initiative
  • 4th Chapter
    • Mouth-to-mouth
    • Someone was defying The World’s orders
    • We had been flying in circles
    • Refuse to do so
  • 5th Chapter
    • Because people who are suffering need me
    • Bluff
    • That is a waste of time
    • SAVE! > 1st Save
    • I want to go with you
  • 6th Chapter
    • Stare at him silently
    • …going out to look at the stars?
    • Acturus
    • Spica
    • You are so kind
  • 7th Chapter

NORN9 Var Commons Natsuhiko Walkthrough – Alternative Endings

There is one alternative endings in Natsuhiko’s route, and here is the guide for both:

Tragic Love Ending

  • Load 1st Save
  • 5th Chapter
  • 6th Chapter
    • Ask him questions
    • …still mad at me?
    • Altair
    • Deneb
    • You are so clumsy
  • 7th Chapter

You have completed Natsuhiko’s route and unlocked the two endings (Happy & Tragic love)


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