Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List – Best DPS Characters Ranked

DPS (Damage-Per-Second) is a statistic that measures a player’s contribution to the team in terms of damage done. In Overwatch 2, there are five DPS tiers, each of which corresponds to a different level of importance and skill required to be successful at the game. The five DPS tiers are:

Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List – Are you looking for the top characters that cause the most damage per second in Overwatch 2? Then read on and stay tuned!

One of the strengths of Overwatch 2 is the ability to quickly switch between heroes to find the best team composition to bring out the best in the team while frustrating the enemy’s plans. The DPS class can completely change the fate of the game by carrying teams and destroying enemies. Here’s our complete Overwatch 2 damage hero ranking.

Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List

Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List – S Tier

With Overwatch 2’s crowd control almost completely removed, Genji and Tracer can wreak havoc on any team that struggles to hit small moving targets. They can do a lot of damage quickly and make diving combos viable for the foreseeable future. Since there aren’t many hard counter options at this point, it’s easy to get a lot of value out of it. They require certain skills to make the most of them.

A Tier

  • Junkrat
  • Pharah
  • Sojourn
  • Soldier 76
  • Widowmaker

Tier A is dominated by some of our favorite ranged heroes. Pharah, Sojourn, Soldier 76 and Widowmaker can all deal significant damage with little stress. Hit the ball with them and you can quickly destroy a team. As for Junkrat, his messy play style can melt the battle tank when he’s in the fray, so if the enemy has tanks controlling the battlefield, be sure to consider him.

B Tier

The next tier is full of ranged heroes, but not quite up to the standard of Tier A. Compared to Cassidy and Soldier 76, Ashe and Mei didn’t do enough damage and Hanzo could be hit or miss. That being said, considering they were more or less the same in Game 1, for the most part, the team should still get some value out of it.

C Tier

  • Bastion
  • Echo
  • Reaper
  • Sombra
  • Symmetra

This group is the hero you take or give up. They perform well in certain situations, but they also have the disadvantage of being either easily countered or difficult to get a lot of value out of. Sombra and Bastion’s rework has brought them down considerably for us, but maybe our perception can change as we have more time with their new gear.

D Tier

Torbjorn is at the bottom of our list and we think he might be the one who needs another overhaul the most in the future. The main reason for his turret Torbjorn is that it is easy to destroy with fewer shields and more battle tanks. However, this has been a long time coming for him. Torbjorn will fight as long as a time-frame character is viable. His Ultimate and Overcharge abilities vary, but finding the right fit for the Swedish engineer may be harder than ever.


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