Overwatch 2 Support Tier List – 2023

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the support tier list for Overwatch 2 will vary depending on the player’s individual playing style and preferences. That said, some popular support tiers that are often used in competitive play include:

1. tank/support hybrid: players who rely on their teammates to protect them and help them stay alive are typically placed in this support tier. tank/support hybrids are usually powerful in terms of health and damage, making them well-equipped to help their team stay in the fight.
2. healing support: players who focus on supporting their team by healing them and keeping them alive are usually placed in this support tier. Heals are usually very mobile, making it easy for them to get to the front line and help their team survive.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List – Here is a list of levels with the best support characters in Overwatch 2. Stay tuned and read on!

Support characters in Overwatch 2 are the lifeblood of your team. If they keep their teammates alive, then you’re better off winning. Now each support heals itself over time, their survivability becomes easier, and their eliminations are more important to the team. Here’s a ranking of all the current Overwatch 2 support heroes and where we think they should go.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List

 Overwatch 2 Support Tier List – S Tier

Lucio’s speed boost and healing area effects are hard to beat in any team combination. Helping all teammates is easier due to fewer people on the field, and with passive heals, it’s harder to trip him when he’s riding a wall. It’s not required, but it’s important for any team.

Kiriko has one of the best ultimate abilities in the game, as it can speed up your team’s attacks and reloads, making them extremely deadly. Outside of Ultimate, she has excellent mobility, can teleport to teammates through walls, grants her great escape potential when overwhelmed, and is one of the fastest ways to reach allies in danger. If you can time her Protection Suzu ability properly, she can also completely negate damage incoming on teammates.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List – A Tier

Mercy’s Resurrect becomes even more important as the number of teams on the field dwindles. Ana also has great use for Nano Boost and her Bio Grenade. The only thing keeping them away from an S rank is that in most cases they have to focus their healing on one person at a time, but they give the target a lot of healing, which is just as important.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List – B Tier

If you know how to properly manage Moira’s resources, she’ll be a solid choice for most team builds. However, their use is capped, as you must at least focus on dealing damage to enemies to keep their pools full. It allows you to keep blanks where it matters. Zenyatta is still an easy target for enemies, but his two orb abilities are very useful in-game, especially with the new UI upgrade. We also like the slight health buff and the new ability to knock down enemies to improve survivability.

C Tier

Baptiste’s Immortal Field always has its defenders, but exiting the Realm is too easy and has a long cooldown. We also think he has the worst ultimate in the game (unless it’s a perfect match for Kirikos). However, if your team sticks together, his treatment can keep you alive when you need it.

D Tier

Brigitte is in a tough spot right now. Her Shield Bash stun was the easiest to use in the original Overwatch, but now that she’s no longer stunned, it’s hard to justify using her. She needs to have trouble hitting enemies to heal teammates, but without the stun, she’s missing a very important part of her toolbox. Other than that, she’s the meatiest supporter, at least keeping herself alive a little

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