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Ozmafia Caesar is a strategy game for mobile devices that was released in late 2016. The game is based on the popular Caesar series of games, which are known for their strategic gameplay and addictive quality. Ozmafia Caesar is a cross-platform game, which means that it can be played on mobile devices using a touchscreen interface as well as traditional desktop and laptop computers.

Ozmafia Caesar Walkthrough – Endings

Complete Caesar route and unlock all the endings:

  • Hello
  • Now that you mention it…
  • I’ll decide myself
  • Character Choice > Choose Caramia
  • I didn’t have anything to do…
  • Is that strange?
  • What about Mr. Kyrie?
  • Character Choice > Choose Kyrie
  • Please tell me
  • It’s boring
  • Character Choice > Choose Axel
  • Join them
  • He’s a strange person
  • I’ll give it a shot
  • I’m doing it because I want to
  • Character Choice > Choose Caesar
  • I want to remember it
  • Axel
  • Be annoyed
  • Be confused
  • Character Choice > Choose Caesar
  • Show him it’s safe
  • Pancakes please
  • Stop Mr. Kyrie!
  • Character Choice > Choose Caesar
  • You can rest easy with Soh by your side!
  • They must be very kind people
  • I’d give up
  • Character Choice > Choose Caesar
  • You seem really strong
  • Please don’t be so rude
  • But Axel is…
  • *Choose Caesar*
  • Talk about something
  • Scar
  • That’s Mr. Kyrie for you
  • You’ll get taller!
  • Character Choice > Choose Caesar
  • Absolutely!
  • Please don’t fight
  • Character Choice > Choose Caesar
  • You should come to town
  • Scarlet didn’t really need to apologize
  • *Choose Caesar*
  • Isn’t that kind of lonesome?
  • Is she that stubborn?
  • Character Choice > Choose Caesar
  • That was so cool…
  • Mr. Caramia
  • Character Choice > Choose Caesar
  • Tell him the truth
  • I can’t wait!
  • Let’s do it at the mansion
  • Character Choice > Choose Caesar
  • Okay
  • You really take your job too seriously
  • Thank you very much

Ozmafia Caesar Walkthrough – Route Unlocked

  • I just can’t get him off my mind
  • Why don’t all three of us have a chat?
  • Sounds like a handful…
  • Meteor Shower Gathering
  • I was so worried
  • SAVE! > 1st Save 
  • Good afternoon
  • I don’t think you should do that…
  • Don’t leave me behind!
  • Maybe…

Caesar ending 1

  • Load SAVE > 1st Save
  • Are you doing alright?
  • …..
  • Could you slow down?
  • Of course not

Caesar ending 2

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